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The flowers have a new album, beloved sun

The flowers have a new album, beloved sun Sophisticated, with fixed contours and rich colors, it is a new album alternative rock dripping-ly Flowers. Valentine bears the name of the sun and comes three years after the excellent record of the White bees.

The unmistakable singer Martin E. Kyšperský is the sole author of all the songs beloved sun and album filled with original songs again, at which grips the heart, eyes gleaming legs and jumping to the beat. The recording was released on the day of the birthday of Martin Kyšperský who commented words "35 years envi-Vota, 15 and 10 years of the band album." Indies Scope In addition to classical forms of TU CD, MP3, Flac, and MC cartridge and a first album i .wav 48 kHz / 24 bit.
The album will be released on vinyl LP to the annual autumn tour of the band.

The group recorded a lot of material in several studies that eventually soundman Ondrej Jezek chosen and completed 12 tracks. One of them appears in a provocative film about Brno upcoming Robin Kvapil and Čestmír Kopecký (Song of My Children station Bullerbyn from the last record was heard again in the past, most critically acclaimed film "Cobras and snakes"). The group experimented with sounds of instruments while trying to keep the songs left nothing extra period interludes and complex ornaments is gone. Begins the next chapter.

Album title came from a phrase overheard in a dream, "stands at the door of the sun sweetheart ..". Rest of unique lyrics on the album but the dream world of Martin E. Kyšperský have nothing in common.
Among the topics often occurs family, relationships with parents, relationships with children. Although the texts online topic again hard to describe longing, the album as a whole operates more energetically and vice versa positive than some of the previous work.

A three-year break between recordings, is something unusual for Flowers, founded by a number of activities as drummer Alex Pilgr, which is dedicated to his Biorchetru and the workload of Martin E. Kyšperský.

Flowers but in the meantime grew and. Over the past eight years has not changed, and assembly with hundreds of concerts all corners of the republic are the flowers of life form. They're adults, not yet old. Still there is energy. Still searching for something and it does not matter if it is found, but should not slow down!

Interview with Martin E. Kyšperským

How many texts on the current album comes from your dreams?
No, just the name. I still dream of love, but ideas come to texts by waking. Even though I remember now that the first verse Verka was a telling one elderly lady when I was playing soft gig somewhere in the Highlands. That's a piece of her dream.

The new album Flowers comes after a three-year hiatus, when you are focused on other projects. What was it like playing in a band where you're the leader?
I made ​​various friends (for example Cermaque, Jan Burian, Lubica Christophoro band Mucha ...) player and arranger for various instruments, from guitars, bass through to electronics and percussion ... As soon as I sit at home and record, so it's Entertainment. When I go with someone and not have to sing and pull gig as a leader, so too will rest at that. This can happen with the flu.

How much are you going back to the bass guitar with which you had started?

I never leave her, but ever so from sixteen to nineteen years I played on it every day. I think I'm with her ​​and often fell asleep in bed. I love this tool, I try to play the bass line so that protrude while the melodic and expressive. Two years touring with Nikola Mucha me back a little back form, which is ridiculous in comparison with the guys practicing, but again, I think I feel it, if there's something missing in the arrangement, trying to make the mood that fills it. Something I also made ​​a new album Flowers. If someone wanted to make a studio bass, I will (almost always) happy.

Also're in the break managed to appear on television screens. Was it a coincidence or are you going to pay even acting?

Was it a coincidence, but I enjoyed it a lot. But not looking actively, depending on the menu.

On the last album, White bees were introduced with the aim of maximum concentration of only four principal intentionally completely without guests, emphasizing the rawness and authenticity. How do you feel "Sweetheart of the Sun"?

It's about grinding. We learned that it behooves us, when we play live without a handle, as much as possible to shoot together. If we played more pop, it would mean not the case, but we are still a rock band. And I'm not afraid of anything ... let alone make a completely fresh, beautiful melody, then put it into context with something special. Throw out everything extra. That helped us a lot people's opinions - musicians, we like ... Ondrej Jezek, Misa Antalová, Bára Kratochvílová ... We do not sleep, do not want to repeat. This is about finding new space.

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