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Rock for People in Pilsen, after Dyk dance until dawn. Dear enter in!

Rock for People in Pilsen, after Dyk dance until dawn. Dear enter in! One Dancing party still lingers in the memories of many a visitor and ears of Hradec Rock for People. In doing so, a few days erupt next party! From 3 to 5 July in Pilsen introduces a selection of bands from almost all countries of the European Union. From Finland to Italy, from the UK to Latvia.

Even though each artist offers the best, most tancechtivé audience expects Concert The Austrian Parov Stelar Band, Swedish musical magicians Movits! or domestic showman Vojtech Dyk accompanied by B-Side Band.

His concert in Pilsen Burgher Beseda was sold out months in advance, charm undermines the knees for women and girls of many generations, and its current repertoire includes songs swing and rock. Yes, it's Vojtěch Dyk, who after a warmly received speech at the Rock for People in Hradec come to Pilsen again with his B-Side Band.

Just listen to the first notes, and it is clear that their performance will be full of playfulness, great dancing and inviting melodies and jokes. It is seldom that besides jazz and swing pieces inserted rock hits. Vojtěch Dyk peppered his repertoire selected hits from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine and AC / DC had transferred to lively swing state. In addition to the excellent scenography designed only for a few open-airových events.

The expected concert Vojtech Dyk and his outstanding team-mates from B-Side Band on Sunday, July 5 will be followed by The Parov Stelar Band, who take away the Czech audience a special chemistry. Perhaps because here this bunch enjoy dancing so happy returns. This time in Pilsen bringing their new album The Demon Diaries, which is warmly received not only listeners but also music critics.

New forms of swing lovers will thrill and concert band Movits! Its a fun mix of swing, hip hop and Swedish Pilsner show the audience how to dance the Nordic.

As is known, when he starts dancing, it's hard to stop. Rock for People will be partying until dawn. After the program ends DEPU2015 about half past one in the night, visitors can move into the industrial space Paper, which will continue afterparty up to 4 o'clock in the morning. Dance music will be played by a court DJs legendary Prague Cross Club - from electro to dubstep.

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