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Green Schools vysbíraly more than 2 tons of retired electro

More than two thousand kilograms of old electrical appliances and batteries. So much was achieved during the month to collect all participating schools in the contest "Green School - the best picker" that motivates the third year students of primary and secondary schools to ecological behavior. The winners were Elementary School and Kindergarten Dobra Voda Czech Budejovice at almost 850 kg of electrical waste.

The aim of the schools participating in the contest "Green School - the best picker" was in the period from late April to late May to collect as much of old electrical appliances and batteries. "In the first place was an Elementary School and Kindergarten Dobra Voda Czech Budejovice, whose pupils under 26 vysbírali days nearly 850 kg retired electrical appliances. Second place then went to elementary school special Diakonie CCE Ostrava and third Vocational School and Vocational School in Susice, "said the main organizer David Vandrovec, Director of REMA, which deals with the taking back of electrical appliances and batteries.

In the competition to all participating schools managed to collect a total of more than two tonnes of old electrical appliances and batteries. In addition, pupils of participating schools handed over three hundred old mobile phones. For the three best school organizers prepared prizes and vouchers worth 5,000 and 3,000 crowns for the purchase of electronics. "The school, which won, received 10 tablets, donated by the contest Vodafone," explained David Vandrovec.

Ecological competition is implemented within the project Green School, where it is currently involved over 350 schools across the Czech Republic, and their number is increasing every year. "Schools are involved because they are competing good experience from previous years. A lot of them used the competition in the collection because, prior to the end of their school cleaned. For example, computer lab or land are full of old unused equipment. Kindergartens again addressed the parents of his pupils, who could bring unwanted electronics at a nursery dedicated site and thus not only get rid of him, but also helped to win, "adds David Vandrovec from REMA, which implements the Green School project.

Most branches of green schools can currently be found in Prague and in the Moravian region. While in the capital, the project involves 20% of schools in the Region almost 19%. In addition to the competition in collecting a retired electrical appliances and batteries in addition project allows participating schools to collect throughout the school year. In schools throughout the year and are placed collection boxes for small electronics and batteries. Their regular collection and subsequent transfer for environment-friendly project is free of charge.


The Green School Project

The project aims to collect batteries and old electrical equipment in schools. Its goal is to educate students and provide educators with comprehensive information on the issue of waste separation. The school, which is involved in the project, a collection and ecological processing of all electrical equipment and batteries free of charge. Will also receive the opportunity to use when dealing with the public school Green logo, leaflets and posters to mark the collection point. Currently, the project involves more than 350 schools across the Czech Republic.

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