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What with the children during the holidays? Camps and staying at home can be just as fun

The holidays are here! For children longed period of leave for parents perhaps slightly stressful period - the kids are home all day, and ideas on how to entertain during the holidays can start gradually occurring. Especially when the child returns from camp and expects a lot of other activities and entertainment. Sitting watching television, playing computer games or surfing tablet parents and children do not smell too are quite enthusiastic from any action that would even remotely resemble school.

What must invent something that will entertain the children will create and develop children's skills and abilities? Younger children will appreciate the variety of drawing and "doodling" with him unawares in addition develop their fine skills and abilities gradually getting used to hold writing utensils.

Plug the children to draw

Draw from your own imagination and mood without a predetermined theme will entertain all the children. Holidays and the children are finally rid of the strict rules, ideas and enter school or kindergarten. Form can do after "his" themselves determine what they want to represent and express the right drawing. Whether you draw a picture expressing a trip with friends, a holiday with her parents at the sea or just an abstract painting, you can be sure that it is always right.

The child had both develops their creativity and imagination while practicing proper grip and writing and drawing supplies, which will (again) to throw at school. It is not even so much essential if the child draws with colored pencils, pencil, brush or dry-erase markers to use watercolors or tempera paints. Each of these drawing supplies because the child is able to specifically help. Especially preschool children come in handy pens equipped with a special adapter nácvikovým that encourages proper posture needs, which, especially in the beginning of writing and drawing for them will be crucial.

On both camps with KáPéZetkou

If you are among the parents who like to give the children stay at a summer camp, you would not forget the right equipment child to camp. Besides proper attire, even in case of worse weather, or KáPéZetky not forgetting other details which can be quite crucial in the final.

Children will be staying solve all sorts of combat tasks such as tests of orientation, a common team challenges, treasure hunts or other creative tasks. And what about such a view, or a letter from a camp or exchange of contacts with friends at the check-out house? And if a child goes to camp for the first time, you might also want to experience noted in his diary, to get them in time could still recall.

Befitting will therefore set the appropriate stationery. On the other hand, there is no need to carry an entire school camp gear from pencils, crayons, water colors or through glue, but it would need only one "Tornado" or pencil. When selecting But we must also think of the type of activities to which the child will need to camp. All pens or pens would be set aside. On the contrary, it will throw a pen that quickly and easily writes to him a child may also need to take notes during orientation in the field and will not have to contend with drying ink or laborious rozepisováním filling. Just for example, Czech pens that you can buy it from CZK 20 and are additionally equipped with ergonomic grip and so the child does not get tired. The child would be with him have a pencil, mostly hardness 2, with which he will write clearly and quickly, without excessive pressure on the pencil.

Child and vacation home

You say to yourself, how child entertain during the holidays at home if he needed him get tired of drawing? Is especially suitable substitution activities - trips with friends, swimming or visiting the castles and chateaux, and then, of course, active recreation, such as modeling, bonding of different models or folding or stacking puzzle in rainy weather, and understandably mentioned drawing or coloring. In short, everything what the child does during the school year, the time and what will now be able to rest and spent without remorse.

Do not forget to pay attention to the fact that holidays would be for a child should be a time of adventure and relaxation that could then in full force to go back to school to fulfill its obligations that come again in September.

Author tz: Lenka Netušilová, editorially modified

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