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Popsicles - cheap oil instead of cream

Together with outside temperatures as well as growing consumption of ice cream, including the popular ice lollies. Consumer magazine dTest focused on the quality of those with traditional flavors and sent to the laboratory 17 and vanilla cheesecakes 5 lollipops. While the cheesecakes went well, the quality of most vanilla suffers primarily because they contain large amounts of coconut oil.

Ideally, cheese or vanilla ice should form a mixture of milk, cottage cheese or cream and sugar, supplemented with a crust of milk chocolate. However, the reality may be quite far from ideal. "We found the ice cream they put on first place in the composition of water, vegetable fats, glucose-fructose syrup and dignified list of kid stuff, which provides ice cream better sensory impression," says Catherine Kočvarová, editor of the magazine dTest.

Laboratory examined whether filling lollies containing vegetable fats, which manufacturers replace some more expensive milk fat, cream, cheese or milk. "Better fell curd products in which we are no different than milk fat content not revealed. Among vanilla Only one product - Fine Life Ice Cream Chocolate Creamy Vanilla Bourbon from macros - contained only milk fat. The vast majority of the other contained a high proportion of vegetable fat, in particular derived from coconut oil. Most have him measured by products K-Max Classic Vanilla and Tesco Value, which accounted for three-quarters of the total amount of fat. Information on the use of vegetable fat producers indicate on the labels, "adds Kočvarová.

On the surface of the ice cream we are most often meet with cocoa glaze, which usually consists of a mixture of cocoa, vegetable (mostly coconut) fat, sugar and additives that hold them together. Cocoa butter and milk, two important components of milk chocolate manufacturers typically saves. Decree established a minimum content of 2.5% non-fat cocoa solids in milk chocolate lollies met all tested without problems, but the differences were substantial. Laboratory measured the highest content with cottage cheese product Ballino Merry and vanilla Magnum Classic (both 9.4%), the lowest among K-Max Classic Vanilla (3.4%). Quality toppings is mostly due to the type of fat used, the percentage of cocoa butter, milk fat and possibly vegetable fat.

Although curd ice lollies coconut oil in its content do not, in their polevách a major component. It shows a high percentage of saturated fatty acids, which in the worst case reached 95 percent at Nanuk Misa Cheese refreshment in cocoa icing. "The question remains why otherwise good filling with cheese shed more than half of low-cost producers of low-quality chocolate frosting instead. Let us add that the recommended maximum daily intake of saturated fatty acids, which is 20 grams, can only lolly "bite" to half, "says Catherine Kočvarová.

In sensory evaluation a curd ice lollies performed better than vanilla. Four of the five cheesecakes lollies received good grades, even the best of all landed walrus Cottage cheese with cream from Prime. The worst rating was awarded to a product Pinko Vanilla. Evaluators accused him, among other things watery consistency and thus ended the worst product and the overall quality assessment. Test winner became Vanilla Ice Cream Life Fine Chocolate Creamy Vanilla Bourbon from macros and Prima Walrus Curd cheese with cream - mainly due to very good ratings composition of the filling.

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