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You stop smoking? Herbs can help relieve withdrawal symptoms

Effort to tackle smoking is currently the only current trend in the country, but around the world. The latest Barometer research has revealed that in the Czech Republic last year had smoked more than a quarter of the population. Interesting is the fact that nearly 60% of smokers wanted to quit cigarettes. Given the amount of withdrawal but this is often difficult. In this article we will focus on innovative options that you consult with these annoyances.

Quitting smoking? Arrives constipation

One of the first signs that starting abstinent feels there is a problem with the intestines. When smoking Indeed gets into the body nicotine that is slowing gastric emptying, but instead accelerating peristalsis of the intestines. The moment you stop smoking, so they can attend intestinal problems. Solutions are offered in the form of consumption of fruits, vegetables and large quantities of fluids. There is also sufficient movement. Another option offers herbs. "The normal function of the digestive tract is an appropriate mixture of herbs that contains wild garlic, wormwood, yellow gentian root buds and American walnut. These herbs purify and detoxify the body and help to maintain the microbial balance in the intestine. The regeneration of the intestine also contributes blend of oak, black currant, flax, cranberries, alder and beta glucan, "says herbalist Czech Mgr. Jarmila Podhorná the company hopes that deals with the manufacture of products from herbs.

Banish depression and restlessness echinops, St John and lime

Another frequently occurring symptom is restlessness, irritability or even depression. Body returns to its normal state, so often themselves already too unreasonable fits of rage. These symptoms appear as early as four hours after the last cigarette. If you are just going to quit smoking, it is important at this situation at least partially prepared. The most common advice of professionals include outdoor exercise, visiting friends, but also a favorite hobbies. In short, let us try to wean think, breathe deeply and relax. To promote good mental state and emotional balance is also suitable tincture echinops, lime and St. John's. To improve the psyche sometimes takes a very eleutherocok and herb BAKOP. Herbs can help us calm down, relax and have a positive effect even when sleeping.

Low blood pressure can handle corn

Within the health problems of fresh drinkers often comes a decrease in blood pressure. Typical symptoms include low pressure, fatigue, drowsiness, but also a headache or cold extremities. "To encourage the vascular system can use tincture of buds of corn sown, which also slightly increases blood pressure. Very good herb is also eleutherocok, which helps in blood circulation in the heart muscle and brain. Suitable also embraces rosemary, which also removes the feeling of physical and psychogenic conditional fatigue and exhaustion, while also cardiotonic, "recommends Podhorná. In addition, we at low pressure should adhere to proper drinking regime and reduce coffee and alcohol. Suitable is also regularly supplement vitamin C, preferably from natural sources such as fresh vegetables.

Author tz: Jarmila Podhorná
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