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Woody Allen: Irrational Man

Woody Allen: Irrational Man The new mystery movie Irrational man wrote and directed the master conversational relationship stories, Woody Allen. Starring torn professor played by Joaquin Phoenix (Golden Globe for the film Walk the Line). Seductive student Jill, she played an increasingly popular Emma Stone (nominated for an Oscar for the film Birdman) and the role of Rita destitute fell to US actress Parker Posey (Grace, Princess of Monaco).


A respected professor of philosophy Abe Lucas (Joaquin Phoenix) is already more than a year in the bottom emotionally. Can not write, can not breathe, can not remember the meaning of life, from nothing is unable to rejoice. Anything ever done, he finds no satisfaction. His only trusted friend is alcohol.

Abe arrives at the faculty teach in a small town. Soon becomes entangled with two women. Lonely Professor Rita (Parker Posey) was expected rescue from her unhappy marriage. His best student Jill (Emma Stone) becomes enamored with his closest friend.

For Jill Above is torn artistic soul and exotic past directly irresistible. His lability fascinated and attracted. Yet, when Jill tries to change their friendship into a romantic relationship, Abe sternly rejects it.

During one lunch and listen Abe Jill special conversation of strangers at the next table. This moment Abe turns and he begins to enjoy life to the fullest. His decision to change sets off a chain of events that affect his Ritu and Jill forever ...

The main theme of irrational men are coincidences in life.
They decide about the opportunities that can have devastating effects. The story of irrational man shows one of Allen's deep philosophical conviction: "I believe very strongly in utter randomness of existence. All existence is merely a thing that has no reason to. We all live under the authority of the fragile unpredictability of life. But you know, sometimes just wrong turn in the street ... "

Woody Allen and Oscar prices

7x nominated for Best Director, won an Oscar for the film Annie Hall
16x nominated for Best Original Screenplay, won an Oscar for Annie Hall, Hannah and Her Sisters and Midnight in Paris
1x nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role for the film Annie Hall
3x nominated for best film, won an Oscar for the film Annie Hall

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