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Trutnoff Open Air violating tradition. Besides metal cimbalom and day tickets

Trutnoff Open Air violating tradition. Besides metal cimbalom and day tickets Legendary Trutnoff Open Air festival violates one of their traditions. For the first time organizers put in the sale of a limited number of day tickets. Besides the main star - Prodigy and the recently announced metal band Gojira perform at the festival and folk girly file raisins from Kozojídky, Horňácká dulcimer bandmaster Peter balls Wabi Daněk Ondřej Havelka or with his swing orchestra.

Folk, metal, swing and folklore

Prodigy, a Jewish reggae singer Matisyahua, poppunkový New Found Glory, metal Gojira, but also girls from Kozojídky file raisins, Ondřej Havelka swing orchestra, dulcimer music from Horňácko or country bard Wabi Danek, it is a legendary festival Trutnoff, nicknamed the Czech Woodstock. Its origins are in the foothills of the Giant dates back to 1984, when the first two years disrupted the former State Security. Piedmont meeting is known not only for its dedications, visits from social and cultural life, but also a novel dramaturgy with musical twists and extremes. "It is a model example heartfelt pluralism: there frequently appear consecutively so different musicians that anywhere you see next to each other, "personally wrote to the Festival samizdat in 2007, Chief trutnoffského festival Vaclav Havel.

Moravian musicians during the festival will pass through the encampment, including backstage. Miss even Hare Krishna camp or the Indians at their teepee to end on one of three podiums. Now Horňácká accompanied by dulcimer music known for his interpretations of music first encounter with the red brother Winnetou festival squaw and comrades in 2008.

Prodigy - Sunday's wild point for day tickets

The festival has a friendly atmosphere and is known for its casual atmosphere. Honored tradition, but they occasionally violates his love. And this year, so they twice - against custom organizers announce the main day of the gig the band and give this day a limited number of day tickets. It is the first time ever since the creation of the festival thirty years ago. Energetic and wild dot festival, British Prodigy will perform on Sunday and the last day of the festival together with them twenty-five bands will perform on three stages. The program will begin with a church service on Sunday and will run until the middle of the night and early morning hours the next day.

"The festival is not just about the individual concerts. Since the beginning we perceive it primarily as a moment of encounter, musicians and people who do not like someone nalajnované and advance the beaten track, but want to get things out for yourself and taste a bit of the unknown. Violation of one of the age-old traditions, we meet those who for some reason do not want to or can not be at the festival four days so that they can together touch that magical atmosphere of togetherness at least one day, "says festival organizer Evi Lime Navratilova.

"It's a positive step for all neostříleným scouts and trutnoffskou soil nepolíbeným novices make their moccasins to ascertain the sacred red clay. They recognize okoštují seasonings of our territories, listen to twenty-five bands and hardly communicable experience. Maybe next time it will not solve that day play Prodigy or anyone else, knowing that it is an important moment of encounter, "says Evi Lipova festival founder Martin Věchet

Limited Edition-day tickets

Candidates day Sunday tickets in a limited edition can be purchased via the festival's website, or in selected ticket offices. They will however be available for limited time in limited quantities. Parking and camping is free.

Trutnoff Open Air will take place from 20 to 23.8.

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