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Tick ​​is not just a carrier, has its own weapons!

Although ticks most often associate the two diseases - encephalitis and Lyme borreliosis - not a single disease, the parasite that can cause in humans. Tick-borne paralysis is a rare disease caused by a tick itself more poison contained in its saliva.

Some species of ticks, occurring mainly in the USA and Australia, creating dangerous toxin (poison), which together with saliva injected into the body after the held against the skin of man. Jed belongs to the so-called neurotoxins. They negatively affect the nervous system , which may, inter alia completely prevent the movement of people with disabilities. Tick-borne paralysis itself manifests:
that spread upward and started several days after the bite.

If a tick is discovered and removed in time, the symptoms within a few minutes or hours usually disappear entirely. Otherwise there is a paralysis of the respiratory muscles , respiratory arrest and death.

Gift of roads

Doctors 42letého documented case of a man who spent his vacation in July as a tourist in the US state of Colorado. After returning to his home in Florida he began to experience symptoms similar to flu and fatigue, but the fever did not notice. Two days later, however, came overall muscle weakness, which forced visits to the emergency. Thanks to careful examination Hautes doctor was revealed tick, which was hidden between the hair on his head. All contemplated neurological diseases were excluded, and subsequent investigations in view of the fact that the patient's condition after removal uninvited companion quickly improved doctor confirmed diagnosis tick paralysis.

Every review!

Although the reported case occurred far away in America, cases of the disease have also been described for us in Europe. As in this disease it is also in case of encephalitis or Lyme borreliosis important early removal přisátého parasite. Remember, therefore, after a walk in the countryside to view the entire body and do not miss the genital area and scalp.

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