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Psoriasis, try some plant extracts

Psoriasis or Psoriasis is a severe skin disease that accompanies the life of the patient. It can be successfully treated? Why arises and takes her natural treatment?

Psoriasis impairs the quality of life of the patient.

This disease is a chronic, autoimmune (generate antibodies to cells of the patient body) and inflammatory.
The skin produce red to purple-red colored areas covered with silvery scales.
Most chronic form occurs suffered up to 80% of patients.
Psoriasis often forms on the elbows, knees, scalp or the loin.
Usually first manifest inflammatory joint disease (in 20% affected).
Heavier course has in men.

Can erupt at any age

Psoriasis sometimes appear in more individuals in the family, but decidedly not hereditary. They may cause some infectious diseases, stress, or certain medications. Hormonal changes during puberty or menopause also accelerate its creation. Psoriasis can flare up at any time, usually occurs between the twentieth and thirtieth year of life. They can be affected, however, and children.

Possible solutions

Physician prior to initiation of the treatment considering what type of psoriasis goes, the place where the body appears, and the overall severity of the disease. The patient used with milder forms of the disease special ointments or creams. In more severe cases are put phototherapy or administered medicines that are called. Biological drugs.

And what about medicinal plants?

On psoriasis are often successfully used also to preparations marigold (ointments, gels, creams) - has healing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. Can combine with chamomile medical, specifically here helping contained therein anti-inflammatory drugs (but beware of a possible allergy).

Also plays a role psyche

It is very important for patients also that psoriasis affects all aspects of their lives. Often exacerbated by physical appearance, patients feel uncomfortable among people and this has an impact on their psyche. Here it is good to remember that psoriasis Although not definitively cure, but a positive attitude victim to illness and life may undermine the progress and limit the scope of psoriasis.

Author of the article: PharmDr. Thomas Arndt
Source: U lékař

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