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The organizer of the trip may change the date and price

Are you looking forward to the holiday but once you organizer announces that the departure was postponed for a day or that expensive. The law allows it, and if the customer does not respond in time, it may mean consent to change the contract.

The rule that silence means consent, the law generally does not apply, however, to find exceptions. One of them is a situation where a travel agency because of outside influences must change the conditions of the trip. "The Civil Code says that the organizer may propose an amendment," Juniper says Milos, legal adviser dTest magazine, adding: "A customer who does not agree with the new conditions, it can withdraw from the agreement, but if it notifies the organizers, it is true that agrees with the change and go to the adjusted trip." Organizers may withdrawal the contract may specify a time, which shall not be less than five days and must finish before starting the tour.

Without the customer's consent in certain situations may change the price of the tour. The organizer may change the price of the trip just for three reasons, namely when at least 21 days before the beginning of price increases for transport, including fuel, payments associated with the transport, ie airport or port fees or increases the koruna's exchange rate used for calculating the price of the tour more than 10%. "The price increase but automatically, possible and the precise method of calculating the increase must be agreed upon in advance, is thus often a part of business conditions. In addition, the organizer must send the customer a notice of price increase, "says Milos gin. If you do it later than the 20th day before the start of the trip, the customer does not raise the price to pay.

But it does not work in reverse. Should the koruna strengthened cheapened by the right or fees associated therewith, the customer does not get anything and everything goes back into profit travel agency. Statutory regulation is so unbalanced towards the customer because it merely transfers the business risk of the organizer of the customer and back, no. "For several years is preparing a new European directive on package tours, which has an obligation to return the money when it comes to reducing costs," says Juniper and He adds: "This naturally does not like to travel agencies, claiming that refunding can not work in practice, while it is just the opposite principle of what has been doing for years."

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