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Les Ballets Bubeníček in Pilsen

Les Ballets Bubeníček in Pilsen Brothers Bubeníčkova bring to Pilsen choreography inspired by the film The Piano environment of New Zealand and Maori culture

At the invitation of the European Capital of Culture 2015 is coming to Pilsen famous ballet troupe Les Ballets Bubeníček George and Otto Bubeníček. 18th, 19th and July 20th, the two brothers bring in the New Theatre DJKT your new year's program, which will perform as guest soloists on Semperoper Ballet, Dortmund Ballet, Hamburg Ballet, Royal Swedish Ballet and the Royal Danish Ballet.

Evenings will consist of two choreographies.

Piano, the longest and most epic, inspired by the eponymous film, Oskar Jane Campion. The Czech premiere audience thanks to large-screen projections, beaches and countryside transferred to New Zealand of the 18th century, to the hostile environment surrounded by Maori culture where the story takes place romantic love.

The second choreography L'heure Bleue is listed in Pilsen in the European premiere and will offer twenty dancers, most of what the brothers had BUBENÍČKOVÁ on stage. At the conclusion of surprise awaits the audience. "It is certainly not necessary to overemphasize how large cultural event going on. Bubeníčkova brothers are leaders of the world scene, their hosting with us are very rare. Additionally, we are pleased thematic connections choreography Piano for further programming summit Pilsen 2015 - exhibition of portraits of Maori Gottfried Lindauer, "says program director of Pilsen 2015 George Sulženko.

Jiří and Otto Bubeníček
among the internationally acclaimed dancers, true masters in their field. Both brothers have in themselves extraordinary vitality, playfulness and openness to new impulses, which greatly helps them not only in their profession dance performers, but also in other artistic professions. In 1993 they entered into a file of John Neumeier in Hamburg, which sparked their stellar career. George Bubeníček decided after thirteen years odtančených change engagement in Hamburg, in 2006 passed the first soloist to the Semperoper in Dresden. Two powerful artistic individuality are now reunited in the preparation of joint projects, Les Ballets Bubeníček for which choreographers Jiří and Otto cares about the artistic side, and composes works for some of his brother's music. Both have to do in their artistic endeavors dancing, so viewers are truly extraordinary opportunity to admire the entire spectrum of their creative powers concentrated in a few tens of minutes.

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