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Checks at airports become stricter, think of the state of the battery on your mobile

People should before going on holiday to remember on the battery capacity in their mobile phones. At the airport to facilitate their situation. Safety regulations are becoming increasingly strict, and when the passengers come before checking with the discharged cell phone must reckon with complications in the form of a detailed inspection ..

Security staff can direct passengers to turn on electronic devices that can take on board. Thereby prove that really serves its purpose and eliminates the possibility of a terrorist attack.

Workers domestic airports are paying increased attention to the inspection of electronic equipment. It's due to the nature of these devices while growing incidence of mobile phones, tablet PCs and notebooks in the luggage of travelers. "A security check is required any more electronics removed from cabin baggage into crates to separate check off luggage. Of course, it is necessary to reckon with the fact that these devices can run more hand searches or examinations explosives detectors, "warned Marika Janoušková of Václav Havel Airport Prague.

The reason for checking the functionality of mobile phones and other electronic devices is to verify the safety of the device. "In the case of impossibility of execution is necessary to prepare for a more detailed inspection, however, this in itself is not an automatic reason for exclusion from transportation," explained Janoušková. Options recharge mobile devices on the premises of the airport are limited. "Battery life in modern devices with a number of energy-intensive functions during normal use is not longer than 24 hours. It is precisely when traveling electronic helpers use to a greater extent, whether to pass the time while waiting or for work, there is a higher risk of draining it, "said Radim Tlapak, director of a leading domestic e-shop with batteries and recommended that these situations are appropriate to equip an external battery that will serve as a backup power source and can be recharged with it all kinds of devices.

Some states, according to experts on aviation rules tightened so much so that devices can not be turned on or recharge station, not for transportation in cabin baggage allowed. This concerns, for example, the USA and Great Britain. Representatives of the Czech airports have therefore recommended to have the device always charged so as to be able to turn on and verification. "Regarding the recommendation for the transport of electronics is still true that the electronics must be removed from cabin baggage a passenger just before the control and the control of self. It is the quickest and most effective. And one more recommendation: do not leave expensive electronics in the baggage which is then stored in the hold of an aircraft, but this is only because of the theft, "said Michael Kubešová, spokeswoman for the airport Leos Janacek.

Good preparation of electronic devices and battery monitoring is particularly important in summer when they are more busy domestic airport. The delay in the form of a detailed security checks could then mean a threat to the scheduled departure of summer vacation. Now air travel is the most common mode of transportation Czechs on vacation. According to statistics from the travel agency Invia prefers air tours 70% of Czech tourists. They fly mostly to Greece and Turkey.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz, editorially modified

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