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Apricot festivities Valtice: good food, wine and folk festivity

Apricot festivities Valtice: good food, wine and folk festivity July is in Valtice bear in mind the celebration of the traditional values ​​of the Lednice-Valtice. Apricots, folklore and good wine are some of the prominent attributes of the city and this is the first time together at a unique event, which will take place on July 25.

The wine apricot festivities associated with the chanting of visitors Předhodovým guarantee good entertainment, food and drink. Visitors will also be able to participate in the competition for the best apricot cake.

Snap is a daylong program and admission is free. The event takes place on Valticke Square.

The program carries the concept of folklore. Domestic and cross-country folk costumes will be together with dulcimer music Kapur entertain guests throughout the day. Will also be good wine and unique delicacies from apricots all ways. The evening ends with a discussion of traditional dulcimer.
Organizers of first-year wine-growing apricot festivals have joined forces with the event, which already has Valtice its long tradition - with Předhodovým chanting, which will take place the fifteenth time. "Předhodového singing traditional concept ensures a variety of folk songs and dulcimer. When you add to it and celebrations typically Valtice crop apricots, a colorful and tasty snacks will not be an emergency. For example, we are preparing a roasted pig on apricots. Valtice course, will not miss the excellent wines that taste good food a highlight, "explains event organizer Miroslav Lišovská.

Valtice know best apricot cake

Visitors apricot wine-growing festivals can boast its creation apricot and enter the competition for the Best apricot cake. They can compete individually and team. "To participate in the competition, bring your apricot cake, from 15 to 17 hours on the square to the designated tent. Then you need to fill the technological process, ie to describe a recipe, and then just wait and see if the jury will evaluate your creation as the best, "explains the principles of competition organizer Miroslav Lišovská. The winner earns the title of Best apricot cake and in addition will receive prizes.

The whole day of fun take care of various folklore and dulcimer. Other concerts include valtický female ensemble selection of berries, which operates almost 10 years. In this group are women of all ages who sing traditional songs from his native Podluzi and beyond. In 17 hours liven program dulcimer music Kapur led by bandleader Veronica Jíchová. In addition to traditional dulcimer music is not afraid to experiment and grind and into a totally different musical styles such as rock.

The city Valtice

This small wine town is located in the district of Breclav in South Moravia. It is an important city Lednice-which is a landscape conservation area. Valtice is the historic core urban area. This city has a rich history and the first mention of it can be found in the 12th century. Its location is one of the Mikulov wine region and is also the holder of trademarks Valtice, the wine capital of the Czech Republic.

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