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Choosing the right sunscreen

UV radiation is undoubtedly a major cause of skin cancer. The incidence of this disease is rising not only because it can better detect and earlier, but mainly due to the growing ozone hole in the atmosphere. This allows the penetration of carcinogenic UVB rays to the earth's surface. The more we have to protect ourselves.

Properly selected sunscreen prevents sunburn how annoying that would heal in a few days, and especially long-term effects of the sun. The skin you had any such burning remembers and is only a matter of time before the cell "revolt" and begin to multiply uncontrollably. Then it is unfortunately too late for prevention. The protection is essential especially in childhood or in adulthood but it must not be forgotten.

Attention nose

Cancer concerns mostly those skin areas that are exposed to sunlight or most frequently. These are particularly prominent place on the face - nose, forehead - arms or shoulders. Furthermore, they are at a greater risk sites pigmented marks. Here are the cells have multiplied and further growth they need considerably less irritation. That is why these areas need attention.

The factor of time without burning

When choosing a sunscreen is mainly governed by its protection factor, ie. SPF (Sun Protection Factor). This is intended for an approximate calculation of how long you can stay in the sun without burning. For example, for people who would not use sunscreen turn red after 10 minutes, extended product with an SPF of 2 deadline to 20 minutes. Similarly, SPF 30 will extend a safe time of 30 ×. But it is necessary to realize that the skin damage may occur even without reddening and moreover the protective ability of the cream does not rise proportionally. While SPF 15 already reflects 93% of harmful rays, SPF 30 blocks out 97% of them. It depends on the time how long the sunscreen active, and must be deleted before the burning occurs.

Shine a light on the composition

SPF is the only indicator that should those interested in quality tanning product to watch. Another important feature of creams is their activity spectrum. Most had only protect against UVB radiation, which is most responsible for the development of cancer. The sun's rays but also contain so-called. UVA rays that accelerates skin aging and long-term impacts can have the same effect as UVB. Broad spectrum protection provided by the following substances: oxybenzone, cinnamate, salicylate, cinoxate, titania (titanium oxide) and avobenzone.

Look at the composition of its product that contains at least some of them. However sunscreen formulations are often trade secret, and therefore it is not possible to read all of the labels. In addition to individual chemicals hidden behind corporate names, so it is better to buy in a pharmacy, where you with the selection order.

Young and vulnerable

Nor are children against the harmful effects of the sun immune. Conversely, it is assumed that 80% of all the solar radiation absorbed by the average person of 18 years of life. If at this time the skin was not sufficiently protected in the future, up to two times higher risk of breast cancer.
Generally, it is recommended in the period from 10 to 16 hours to remain out of direct sunlight. This applies to both children and their parents.
Children younger than 6 months the sun would not come at all or only for a very short period of time and always armed with a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen approved child with a high protection factor.
Our descendants older then the sun may already over but the principle of protection of the head, eyes and skin still apply.
The hardest part is probably with teenagers. Especially young girls catching bronze from March onwards. Try to explain to them that the sun can hurt the appearance and Indian grandmother's certainly not what he desires.

Choose emotion

"It's good to use sunscreen with a higher SPF. But more important is that the product will suit even the aromas and textures, the more often it is because you delete, "says Andrew Kaufman issues, dermatologist and surgeon from the American Association for Dermatologic Surgery. This means that it is not so important what number is written on the packaging, but how many times you use sunscreen during the day.

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