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Ideal summer sports for kids

Many parents want children as soon as possible accustomed to regular exercise and at the same time they fill a meaningful leisure activity. Summer is the ideal time when sports begin. What sport but choose to keep the kids amused, and especially at what age to start with him, you will learn in the next article.

The number of obese children, according to statistics, over the past twenty years until tripled. And no wonder. Increasing schoolchildren who do not regularly sports hour or a week. The fact that the most effective changes always come from families and parents therefore have the best chance to set the children a healthy regime, needless to discuss. Coming Summer is also a great opportunity to introduce children to a range of non-violent sports. "It is important to note, however, that not all physical activities are suitable for all children in every age. In addition, there is no rule, when is the right time because the children are considerable individual differences, "says Lukas Fiala from the online store

The swim can begin as early babies

Baby in the family does not necessarily mean the end of sports as well as for parents. It was in the summer provides the perfect kind of sport it suitable for those children and their moms and dads. And swimming. Swimming has no more restrictions, and he can feel free to devote nearly every child since infancy. For babies, it is moreover natural movement, children passive adaptation to aquatic environments bring the prenatal environment. It is therefore not surprising that a few weeks after birth, infants can swim without learning.

Toddlers can learn the basics of bike riding and dancing

For the development of balance, coordination, endurance and strength in the summer perfectly suited cycling. When the activity in which the whole family can participate, the child will not notice in addition to sports. With cycling you can start from an early age. "Even before a child gets a bike, it is advisable to take him bounce on which to learn at least the basic principles of driving. In addition to a pushbike can ride it from around two years. The moment comes the bike itself, it is better to start with additional wheels to help with Balance, a branch so neodradíte at the beginning constant crashes, "says Lukas Fiala.

The development of motor skills and range of motion is then a great sport dance. Ensure the child an adequate degree of movement, and moreover love for dance has a chance to last until adulthood. Today, many centers offer dance training for the smallest, where children gradually learn the basic principles of dance and develop a sense of rhythm as well. Older children choose rather then leave alone. Let them try more kinds of dances to decide for themselves whether they like more hip-hop or ballet. But you do not have to outvote from one course to another, it is appropriate to use as a menu of holiday dance camps, where they can try a little of everything.

For preschoolers is suitable athletic preparation and tennis

The preschoolers can already start with more regular training and development of power and dynamics. For example, it provides a good grounding athletics. Training children to entertain, it is preferable to initially choose rather a form of the game, running and jumping training for various monkey tracks. Summer holidays are also a great opportunity for the start for example with tennis. But if he will devote the child regularly to make sure that this activity has added yet another great sport. For sports like tennis, that threatens to overload one side of the body and the child will then strengthen the muscles evenly. While one side of the body too much strain on muscles and on the other, on the contrary threatens their shortening. However, tennis is a great sport in terms of strengthening children's self-esteem and self-discipline, because it teaches a child to rely on their diligence and dedication.

Schoolchildren enrich ball games

Schoolchildren no longer can feel free to pursue any sport. However, wherever possible, it should always be supervised by a professional trainer. It easily reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the child and advise you on how best to balance the sport so that the child nezadělalo health problems in the future. The most appropriate activities, not only in the summer, the children's ball games. The most developed concentration, strength, but also the collective feeling and sense of cooperation. That is why sports like basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, more suited to older children. Does it make sense to start with them other than in the form of a game earlier than the sixth year of the child. Parents themselves must assess whether the child is physically and emotionally ready for entry into the club. Organized training puts new demands on children who often can not handle yet.

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