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Herbs useful for weight loss

Herbs useful for weight loss It is clear that in addition to herbs chemistry will never be effective enough. But but not for any human body burdens and their collection also save a lot of money. In this article we'll reveal three precious herbs that help the human body to process fat and thus help the body to lose weight. At the outset I would like to mention, however, that after a month you can not use these herbs expect to lose weight, these herbs are only an ancillary element in the quest for a lean figure.


The most effective are nettle leaves, which contain a lot of valuable minerals that support proper exchange and processing of body fats. Better with leaves it works when the first sun dried. Then we can add other herbs, which will complete the taste better. From this mixture of herbs, we can cook up a great tea that can be flavored with lemon or honey. Drinking nettle tea will achieve better results in weight loss and overall strengthening internal capabilities of our body.


Birch is especially suitable for greater degrees of obesity. Birch longer have to dry and even sounds we make broths for indoor use. For birch enough to earn her bucks and you gently rinse with cold water. Then, insert the Bucks to a bigger pot and pour boiling water. This mixture but do not drink, but will use it as a mixture into the bath. This bath is performed 2 times per week and bath should last no longer than 15 minutes. With an appropriately modified food is then visible result.

Herb fennel

For the procedure, it is necessary to use fresh fennel leaves. From this nati prepare the broth, which we use twice a day in an amount of one glass. Fennel herb contains precious essential oils that promote our very slimming. Fennel broth but not in itself a fairly tasty and drinking whole if you could drink trouble. Therefore, it does not hurt the fennel broth flavored still some other herb. Suitable as elderberry flowers and lemon.

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