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Scientists have studied courtship koala teddy bears. Instead fights get by with a guttural call

Koala bears are distinguished by their cute appearance millions of people, but details of their mating season long escaped the attention of scientists. Shed some light on the sex lives of Australian plump teddy bears managed to an international team of scientists who observed the behavior of the koala population on the Australian island in the St. Bees. Instead duels female bears can do with a deep, throaty call. The female then find themselves.

The very first findings of observed zoologům from Australia, Japan and the USA dizzy. "We were expecting at the time of mating will occur between males for fighting," says Bill Ellis, a zoologist at the University of Queensland. "But the total number of physical confrontations were minimal." Males like teddy bears interest not about reproduction. They spent most of the day in the trees, where they gave themselves know only protracted, deep grunts. If the sight of another male approached, muttering was gathering at depth.

"Like the people in mutual altercation raise his voice, and koala bears gave deeper tones show their dissatisfaction with the presence of another male," says
Ellis. "This truly simple mechanism clearly allows males to prevent mutual confrontation." The male is estimated from the intensity of murmurs of physical potential its competitor. If he comes bigger, does not need him to go into cross and instead head in another direction. The strong male grunts while responding females who have similar keys by choosing the ideal partner.

The researchers managed to identify GPS collars greater part of the population koala teddy bears on the island of St. Bees at Rockhampton so they can track the relative movements of both males and females. No major maneuvers surprisingly taken place. Males are kept alone, while females spend most of the day on common trees.

What is the call koalího male?

Only here and there, often at night, the lone female released further into the forest, following the grunts selected male. Results so far suggest researchers indirect competition between males (mediated by non-physical means of "Voice" duels), the selection of a suitable partner for reproduction and female reproductive theoretical presence hierarchy among females.

"Most of the social and sexual life koalas still remains unevaluated," says
Ellis. The next step researchers will thus identifying paternity births in relation to recording GPS movement females. If you will indeed give birth to female babies at night visited the males will help to further understanding of their unusual reproductive strategies.


Author: Radomír Dohnal

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