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Would you like socks? A short conversation, endless commitment.

Following a spate ordered by phone and spare blades for shaving heads to Czech households of new products. The Swiss company Westerfield International AG is expanding its range in the Czech Republic on socks and underwear. One unexpected call, agreement with sending a gift in the form of a pair of socks and a customer waiting for a regular supply of socks up to his home forever.

A huge amount of Czech consumers who enticed promise free items already found in the mailbox ordinary shipment from abroad, the content of which was a razor brand Good Shave. In recent weeks is replaced sock Step by Step presented by the words "highest quality at unbeatable prices." In bamboo, cotton or wool version aims to consumers as a gift for participating in the survey or welcome packages.

As the company's business model Westerfield International AG works? "From the phone is binding order, within a few weeks, comes the first consignment of goods, and then walk every other month until the moment before you say enough. Free of course, is just the first shipment for all other already Freight Forwarder requires money. Presented advantage that you do not circulate shops and socks will never be lost, with many consumers soon turns into a nightmare, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest. Chop off a steady supply of socks is not enough in itself. Westerfield International AG requires the return of unwanted shipments to overseas address. While customers go ordinary mail vendor to urge them to send back the recommendation as responsible for any loss. Business conditions, customers must pay a shipment that company invoiced and went, even though consumption has been completed.

"The aim of such companies is not podarovat customers, but make them regular customers of their goods to obtaining consent, which recorded. The fact that there will be regular delivery of goods during a call usually neglect to mention. But if it is agreed in advance that this is a permanent collection at the agreed price, produces no purchase agreement for an indefinite period, even though it is rooted in the company's business conditions, "says Luke Green.

The consumer has the right to cancel the order before the goods reach the shipment. If it is not sure about, however, is that the company has entered into a contract over the phone, he should wait until the arrival of the consignment. Then, may within 14 days submit resignation and connect to it and goods, although its return has another 14 days. In the case where the seller fails to inform the consumer of his right of withdrawal, including in the case of Westerfield International AG, however, the law extends the deadline by one year.

If they annoy telephone supply of goods or services, learn to say not. This is the only way the natural reduction of companies for their business use of active telemarketing. Instead permission to send a gift, ask where the company has come to your personal data, and request their removal from the database.

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