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Sexologist: People at conception too solves the option position. Often not knowing whether a woman i

More and more couples who can not conceive naturally. There are many reasons, some can work better with others worse. What are we talking? According to the gynecologist and sexologist MD. Paul Turcan's next age of partners, healthy living and well-being must be important not to overstate the frequency of sexual intercourse and sexual position, while it is good to find out whether a woman is not ovulating.

1st Excessive frequency of sexual intercourse

Many people believe that the number of sexual encounters and the probability of conception there is a direct correlation. So it does not, however, according to experts. "Sperm lasts over two months before they mature. If they are in greater concentration in ejaculate and have a greater ability to fertilize the egg, it is sufficient to have sex in the fertile period of a woman every two or three days, "says renowned gynecologist and sexologist MD. Pavel Turčan. If a couple has intercourse more frequently in the predominance of immature sperm ejaculate. However, they are unable to fertilize the female egg. "If the sperm are mature enough to handle the contrary, a woman's body to endure several days to ripen eggs can wait," says gynecologist. The couple does not have to hit straight into ovulating women. According to some, this method can also plan a child's sex, although many experts are skeptical of these councils. It is said that male sperm lasts less so if a couple starts at the time of ovulation, increases the chances of a baby boy. The sperm carrying the female genetic information are slower than men, but more durable. If it is not necessary to wait for ripening eggs or it may be intercourse to ovulation, increases the chances of a baby girl.

The reason why couples often too frequent sexual intercourse may not succeed conception paradoxically, it is the behavior of the female body to sperm. Frontline kills sperm acidic pH in the vagina, which is the first queue trying to transform into more basic to the rest of the male cells can continue to the egg. The cervix is ​​then positioned cells the female immune system protects the body against the penetration of bacteria, which could endanger the health of women. Sperm, however, have a different DNA and the immune system and other women destroy their part, since it is determined as undesirable. If a couple has intercourse too often, the less sperm in the ejaculate. They then frequently mentioned barriers to female body succumb to the full and fertilization occurs.

Revaluation second sex position

Another myth that spreads between couples, and yet failed to abound him advice in discussion forums, the choice of location. She also reportedly able to determine what sex a couple conceive a child. Dog position or standing position supposedly help you to conceiving a baby boy because they enable deeper penetration of sperm and thus get faster and easier to target. The classic missionary position or the position in which the woman is on top, is better suited for couples seeking a little girl. However, experts warn that the choice of location is irrelevant for determining the sex of the child and its very conception. The idea of having to choose a position contrary, couples often more stressful, which may result in their efforts result in a negative impact. "A woman's body at the time of their fertility to conceive a child alone anatomically and physiologically adapted sufficiently. There is therefore no need to think about during sex position or getting into unnatural positions. More than enough when the woman after the act at the moment, and the rest must remain a weak half-hour rest, preferably on the back. That's all, "says gynecologist Turčan.

Third woman has menstruation, but are not ovulating

According to the World Health Organization would be to investigate the couple should proceed only after a year of intensive efforts to conceive. It is normal that a completely healthy pair able to conceive for example up to 9 months. There is one exception, which would not delay the investigation because it would be needlessly lost year. "It makes no sense to try to conceive, when a woman is ovulating. It seems perfectly logical, but many women whether or not they are ovulating, they did not know. Nor is such a thing occur to deal with. They have the impression that when it comes their regular menstruation, they are just completely healthy and able to ovulation, "says gynecologist Pavel Turčan. So simple it is not. "This is the so-called anovulation, where during the menstrual cycle does not release an egg from the ovaries. Highlights the problem of irregular menstruation sometimes, sometimes not everything seems fine, so nothing woman observed, "adds Turčan. How to determine whether this is the problem? Simply. By buying ovulation test from a pharmacy that works like a pregnancy test. Two lines usually indicate when ovulation is approaching and when underway. If you are between two menstrual periods point appears, it is time to see a doctor.

4. Bad sperm quality

In the last fifty years, dropped the average sperm count in men at about half. Sperm quality and globally declined and more men are becoming infertile. The number and quality of male sperm cells has a negative effect improper diet, ie smoking, drinking coffee and alcoholic beverages, stress, use of certain types of drugs, pesticides or organic solvents necessary. There is also talk about the influence of hormones. "Men should aim to increase the intake of antioxidants, they should consume more selenium, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids or maybe ginseng. These substances have had a positive effect on the formation and quality of sperm, "advises Peter Galle from specialist companies, which helps men improve sperm quality. In the first place, men can solve any problem themselves, and adjusting diet and supplementation thereof. The market is available for this purpose several complex supplements, such Fertilan. "But it is good to remember that the sperm in the body of a man ripen about 72 days. Taking vitamins or lifestyle change will be seen soon after this period, more then 3 months, "says Galle. If even after a longer time of conception has not occurred, he would be the man to contact your doctor.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz, editorially modified

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