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As a child go with a food allergy to summer camp

The holidays are here and the kids are looking forward to different camps. But if your offspring suffer from food allergies, may his prospects of wonderful experiences with friends rather complicated. We would like to advise you what you can do for his satisfaction and peace.

Given that allergic reactions to foods may be sometimes life-threatening, it is essential the selection of the correct camp. During its search, you should always clarify the following information:
who is a medic and what are their qualifications and experience,
how camp with input from parents and how they are treated,
what measures against allergic reactions facilities make (especially when preparing food)
if the distance of the nearest medical facility viable,
if a medic necessary equipment and medicines for emergency situations
in what ways the camp meets the needs of your child.

Report on the state of health

That personnel can provide your child with the necessary care, especially in emergency situations, it needs sufficient information about his health condition and allergies. Camps require confirmation bezinfekčnosti and even an excerpt from medical documentation, including drugs that the child is taking. Remember to also make a list of foods that your offspring allergic, and describe how the hypersensitivity is manifested. Meet the staff of the camp before its beginning - it is always important to know whom you entrust your children. Personal contact you in this regard can really reveal.

Control drugs

Her medication a child to camp must bring itself in sufficient quantities and mostly still valid with useful lives. There is a forward person giving him the will at the appropriate time issue. If necessary, equip the child and adrenaline auto-injector, which may prescribe an allergist.

Consistent guidance

To get your kids to camp properly used, be sure to learn about the principles which should in relation to their health and maintain an allergy. The child would certainly have to know:
which foods are safe and which are not,
how to avoid the allergen (ie. a dangerous food)
What are the symptoms of hypersensitivity
when and to whom to say that it started with an allergic reaction,
how to navigate in the composition of food,
procedure if necessary, use an auto-injector adrenaline.

Moreover, would have little allergic to observe the following principles:
never nevyměňovat food with other children,
Do not eat any food with unknown ingredients,
read (if supported) the composition of food,
in case of suspicion that develops an allergic reaction, seek immediate medical professional or manager,
do not go anywhere alone.

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