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Do not underestimate good night's sleep!

Valuable rest is essential not only for health but also for the psychological well-being. A very pleasant mood is for people with rheumatic diseases very important because all the stress and worsens the effect of treatment is reduced. Therefore we offer a few tips on how to sleep well at night and then have a better mood.

The first 30 minutes before bedtime any monitor

Most of the current technology (computers, mobile phones, tablets, TV, etc.) Produces a certain light. It then in the brain by blocking the formation of melatonin ("the sleep hormone"), which helps us fall asleep. Therefore better off you will fall asleep when you half an hour before going to bed to read a chapter from the (paper) book or you can relax.

Caffeine second only to 15 hours

The fact that coffee or an energy drink does not help you fall asleep, is not the slightest doubt. Moreover, their effect on the organism persisting for some time, it must therefore be approximately 15 hours, none of these stimulating beverages to drink.

3. On the weekend too "nedospávat"

Tendencies on Saturday and Sunday nap what you missed during weekdays, is very widespread, but wrong. Even more can be harmful and more disrupt your biorhythm of sleep and wakefulness. Therefore, it is recommended that the weekend sleep a maximum of an hour longer than during the workweek.

4. Daily, at least for a moment in the sun

Daylight helps the body maintain the cycle of wakefulness and sleep. It gives the body a signal "that day there 'and it will be necessary to go to sleep. Plenty of daylight also helps fight depression .

5th not to practice three hours before bedtime

Physical activity stimulates and awakens the body, which also helps to maintain the cycle of wakefulness and sleep. But if you are that way, "wake up" about 3 hours before bedtime, you will then sleep badly.

6. No alcohol

Many people believe that a couple of glasses of sleep aids. But the opposite is true. Although concerned can help to sleep, but disrupts the quality of rest during the night. Therefore, experts from the field of Sleep Medicine recommends avoiding alcohol 4-6 hours before bedtime. Drinking exacerbates snoring and sleep apnea (temporary pauses in breathing during sleep).

7. Limitations-night events

Whether it is about learning the exam, or a great party with friends, not the whole night vigil for any organism victory. Substantially deepens the lack of sleep and force your brain decreases. Performance at school or at work after a sleepless night will certainly be among the finest.

8. No naps during the day

If you feel tired during the day, you should go to bed, according to experts, however, a maximum of 30 minutes, and no later than 15 hours. Doing so may cause disruption of biorhythm wakefulness and sleep.

9th Groom still well

If you go to sleep every day at the same time, the mounting cycle of sleep and wakefulness.

10th relax when tired

If you can not fall asleep within 20 minutes, get up and do something calming outside the bedroom. For example, you can try different relaxation techniques.

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