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Czechs favorite wine? In the summer, especially chilled Pinot Gris

75% of adults consume likes wine. The number of wine drunk Czechs, however, lag behind the European average. In the summer we choose rather white wine because it is softer, lighter and tastes better chilled. According to statistics, are among us has uniquely popular white wine in the summer and it is the difference in consumption compared to the red even more pronounced. On top of popularity while holding Pinot Gris.

White wine contains fewer tannins and served chilled

Wine consumption growing by several percent. Wine today, according to statistics indulges 75% of adults. Also, the composition of vineyards in the Czech Republic shows that the share of white varieties masterfully prevails. In recent years, in our country we are grown and produced about 63% of white wine, red approximately 28% and 9% rosé wines.

In the warm summer months, offers the consumption of predominantly white wines. The main role is played primarily their ideal temperature. "Each wine requires a different temperature. If it is correct, develops its aroma and flavor. Generally, white wines require a lower temperature, ideally about 10 ° C. The sweet wine is that it should be colder. Compared to red wines that would normally be administered at room temperature and in the summer, more refreshing glass of white, "explains Ondrej Lukes oenologist from Old Hill Winery, which specializes in the production of attributive wines from traditional varieties. Velkopavlovické belongs to the sub-region, which with its 5,143 hectares of vineyards largest wine region in the country.

On why white wine tastes better in the summer, is also involved in its density and the amount of tannins. Tannin is tannin, without which you can not do any good wine. "Taste and smell give this wine a plant phenolic compounds, called tannin or tannins. They are in the wine appear quite naturally in the skins or zrníčkách, and have an effect on the color, flavor, sparkle and smell the wine will be. Tannins occurs more often in red varieties and manifested during their maturation. Tannins prevent premature oxidation, and the wine can ripen longer. It is desirable for red wines, mainly due to archiving, "says Ondrej Lukes. Red wines are therefore due to tannins are heavier and more complex structure. White varieties are compared to them so rich in tannins, are simpler and lighter, making them more suitable for summer.

Dry wines in the summer lead

In hot weather, wine-lovers enjoy a rather drier varieties. They in fact have less residual unfermented sugar, which makes the wine fresher and easier to drink. The term residual sugar is the amount of sugar in the wine, which during the fermentation process neprokvasilo alcohol and was consumed by the yeast. Dry wine contains at most 4 g residual sugar per liter, semidry maximum of 12 grams. Semi-sweet wine contrast can be up to 45 grams per liter of residual sugar and sweet wine then even more. The dry wines are characterized as acidic taste that refreshes in summer, like soft citrus sodas. Among dry wines include varieties such as Pinot Gris, Riesling or Chardonnay, semi-dry wines then means, for example, Sauvignon, Riesling, Moravian Muscat or Gewürztraminer. Nice alternative for summer are also pink or sparkling wine that is constantly gaining in popularity. Dry wines are also more and more combined with sparkling water as a refreshing wine spritzers.

White wine goes with fish and summer salads

High outdoor temperatures are often reflected also on hunger. It is usually lower in the summer than in other seasons. The human body does not need so much fat and animal foods, and warmed to obtain enough energy. Satisfy us lighter meals and vegetables. With the onset of summer in the diet are beginning to appear more frequently salads, white meat, seafood, light sauces, soups, rice or pasta. "Pairing food and wine is a popular topic, which was the summer plays into the hands of white varieties. While white wine best suited to lightweight, light dishes, red is ideal for heavier and hearty cuisine such as fatty red meats and spicy food that fills you up more, "says enologist Lukes.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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