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Last minute holiday? For romance in Sicily, adventure Cyprus

Last minute holiday? For romance in Sicily, adventure Cyprus Give up the rest of the summer at sea may not even those who did not manage to order a tour on time. Many hotels offer space even at the last minute and usually at great prices. So if you decide to go today, tomorrow you can laze on the beach. And even at half the original price ..

Night life in Bulgaria

If you are looking for a holiday where pretty opálíte, swim in the warm sea and in the evening relaxing with a drink in the bar for reasonable money, bet on Bulgaria. Flown there for a moment, prices are welcoming and busy night street. The seaside resorts often find even signs or menus in English, so do not even need to brush up on foreign languages. Liveliest and most famous beaches can be found in Sunny Beach, six kilometers from the historic town of Nessebar. When you get tired of the long white beaches, definitely go to Nessebar look. Not without reason is because since the eighties inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cyprus will not be boring

If you are tired of just lie around on the beach, take on Cyprus this year. In addition to the beautiful sea is offers a number of trails for day trips. You can walk through the hills, you get to know local nature and life in the small mountain villages. Additionally, if you revel riding a mountain bike, you'll love Cyprus. "The bikers are in Cyprus is relatively well poised, so in addition to a series of trails divided according to the intensity and length here bicycles can be hired," says Michal Tuma of the travel agency Invia.

Romance under the volcano

Unique atmosphere of Palermo, the highest active volcano Mount Etna. Sicily is not only beautiful beaches and rich history but also the smell of orange, romantic deserted coves and unique gastronomy. Sicily, the largest Italian island, enjoy especially if you are a lover of ancient culture and Mediterranean cuisine. Although the island's reputation precedes mafia den, local people are generally very friendly and tourists so do not worry.

Tip: The beaches as the Caribbean

If after a hard year at work you want to bury your feet in the sand whiteness and swim in the crystal clear water, head to Greece. Several Greek beaches is regularly ranked among the best ranking of the world's most beautiful beaches. For a friendly price, you get the feeling that you are in the most luxurious places of the Caribbean. "The fault is not done, if you choose Elafonissi beach on the island of Crete. Sand from the Sahara and the crystal blue water will satisfy even the most discerning traveler, "says Michal Tuma.

Wildlife and friendly hosts

Minimum tourists, stunning wildlife and clean sea. If you are bored with the traditional European destinations and resorts full of scares Czechs, go to Albania this year. The country, however, just getting used to tourists and therefore can not expect facilities frequented resorts. Poor road marking or knowledge of English but ordinary Albanians catching up friendly attitude and willingness to help. In unspoilt countryside and empty beaches in addition to a bustling holiday resorts will not even remember. Albanian coast this year was even included in the prestigious ranking tips for trips, which regularly publishes the New York Times.

5 tips on how to buy last minute trips

Determine in advance the maximum price you're willing to put in for the trip. Remember to take into account any additional charges. In some countries, you pay more because, for example, Internet or air conditioning in the room.

Agree in advance on the job,
so the sudden departure was not a problem. It may happen that a flight to the dream destination for a great price will be the next day.

Set priorities
on which tour you choose. It is important for you near the beach or the quality of food?

Travel only with certified travel agency
that works without problems for a long time and give you a comprehensive service.

Look at the place where you are going. Photo supplied by hotels can sometimes be deceiving. Thanks to other travelers but the Internet easily traced as habitat looks.

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