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Martin Chodúr expanded his musical scope, sing dance hit

Chodúr Martin, who six years ago won the first-ever contest Slovakia Czech Pop Idol, has since presented as a singer working in the genre completely contradictory repertory areas. He found not only in the world of pop and rock, but also swing, chanson and film songs. His musical scope but does not hesitate to expand. In collaboration with DJ Eddie Sender therefore we sang summer song Better We Dance, who praised Karel Gott.

Slovak DJ Eddie Sender with a working meeting with personalities of the world and the Czechoslovakian pop. In the past he collaborated with Bryan Adams, Armin van Buuren, Twiins, Zdenka front or Olga Lounová. After a pause, during which he devoted himself to produce, again he opted for active music career. We created a single Better Dance and hosting a surprisingly chose Martin Chodúr. "The foundation Better We Dance songs I had done for a long time, but I still could not decide who should offer him sing. As soon as I heard Martin sing, I knew his voice for this song absolutely perfect. I immediately called him and he thankfully accepted my offer, "uncovers the formation of a joint news DJ Eddie Sender.

Martin and Eddie took the song and Karel Gott, who in June ranked one of the last parts of his radio show, I'll back this film. "In Martin repertoire appeared a song that has all the attributes to become a hit this summer, "he had a devětatřicetinásobný nightingale song and legend of Czechoslovak music scene with international renown. As innovation Chodúr Martin and Eddie Sender is rhythmic, easy to remember and has a summer atmosphere. We add to the attractiveness of the song Better We Dance and music video, in which the typical summer activities take place, for example, participation in festivals and road trips.

Clip is available for viewing.

Traditional musical duo will conquer the charts on July 21, when his new single and video for him to a better world. Better We Dance is the first dance act Martina Chodúr, but definitely not the last. "Although Eddie comes from a completely different side of the musical spectrum than me, his ideas are very close to me. Dance music is ironically very similar to rock and roll. It's fast, straightforward, simple and mostly rhythmic. Moreover, it is huge fun for me to sing this music. That's why I talked to Eddie on long-term cooperation and individual songs will be discharged in the coming months, "concluded Chodúr, which will soon issue also, the already third solo album.

Martin Chodúr
the Czech singer, composer, songwriter and musician. He is known for his participation in the competition Czechoslovak Superstar, which in 2009 won. In the same year, in a poll Czech Nightingale won the Discovery of the Year category. In 2010 he published in collaboration with producer Daniel Hádl debut album Let's celebrate. Second, this time completely copyrights board, published in 2012 under the name of Manifest. Martin Chodúr collaborated with national and international stars ¬- with Karel Gott, Lucie Bila, Janacek Philharmonic or the legendary Russian male choir Alexandrov. Now the song enters the Chodurová music and text in 2014 on his album with the help of friends sang Karel Gott and certainly not the last Martin's song that enrich the repertoire of the fixed stars of Czech pop music. Currently, Martin Chodúr working on a new, already the third board.

Eddie Sender (real name Eduard Palkovský)
composed music since he was 16 years old. The very first song Pilgrim took the famous DJ Armin van Buuren. Eddie then focused trance and progressive trance. He has performed at many festivals (Mácháč, Pleasure Island, etc.) as well as in clubs (SaSaZu). Regularly supplied the sets for the show Exxtravaganza Dance Night on Europe 2. Then he worked as a producer, for example, Bryan Adams, Zdenka front Twiins, Olga Louňová and many others. But now Eddie Sender back behind the DJ console and is dedicated to their own work.

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