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As during the holiday to save energy

Save, save and save again. Such is the motto of most Czechs on summer vacation. In the last survey, ING Bank responded to 86% of Czech tourists that summer trying to stay as much as possible to reduce costs. Roughly a third of her own cooking and a quarter of respondents are trying to spend it and find cheap accommodation.

But while people are confined to the holiday, which should be the most beautiful time of the year, often they forget that in the meantime at home unnecessarily spending money on energy. That's why we bring useful tips on how and when staying on holiday to save on energy.

Do not let the appliance "eat away" the energy

Beware of devices that will stop when the driver switches to standby mode. For example, in television it is convenient, when it does not have to always come and draw it into a socket. Just sit on the couch and wake her remote control. However, when going on vacation, this argument does not hold water longer. Unplug all of the drawers. For example, if you had turned on the television all year round in standby mode, you'll pay extra CZK 180.

"The biggest guzzler is a video recorder that would cost you for CZK 525, the second place followed by a desktop computer with the amount of CZK 250. That's why you pay when you get used to the device and disconnect during the year. For example, if you have small children, do not forget the night to turn off the modem or Wi-fi router. Their energy consumption is about 10 watts, "advised Roman Kouba from E.ON, which issued a manual Austerity household.

Does not pay to underestimate the storm

You might think that removing the devices will save on vacation a few crowns. And for those of you definitely do not want to walk around the house, bend down and pull cords from electrical outlets. But be aware that you can save thousands of crowns. How is it possible? In the Czech Republic are thunderstorms average of 16 to 35 days a year. Most of them usually being in the summer. When lightning strikes in your storm sewer or near your house, its power can cause surges in the power grid. Connected TV or computer this sudden rush of energy may not last, and how popularly called "burn out." It is therefore worthwhile precaution to unplug all electrical appliances except freezers.

Washing machine: pour money down the drain unnecessarily

With the return of a great vacation is connected laundering. Now in it, you can save a lot. At this time, usually not a problem to fill the entire reel. However, if you have for example a red dress little, preferring to leave it in the laundry basket and wait until it will be more. Half load of laundry washing machine usually consumes the same amount of energy and water as a full drum. Prewash Use only for heavily soiled laundry. "Normally soiled and sweaty clothes just washed at 40 ° C. It's worth it. Remember that simply lowering the temperature from 90 ° C to 60 ° C, 25% energy saving. Note also the outdated models of washing machines. If yours from the 90s, consumes 30% more energy efficient than new models, "said Roman Kouba.

Source: tz Lešenská, editorially modified

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