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The number of illegal dumps throughout the summer in the Czech Republic increased the most in the no

The amount of waste ending up in places other than specified by law, is increasing every year. The number of illegal landfills is increasing especially in the summer months, even though for them fines of hundreds of thousands of crowns. Currently the problem of illegally deposited waste most affected North Bohemia and Moravia. They pose the highest risk, while a retired electrical appliances and batteries, which year after year in landfills is increasing.

The Czech Republic currently has registered 4,922 illegal landfills. "The problem of illegal dumping of waste most troubled region of North Bohemia and North Moravia. Black landfill traditionally found in large cities such as Prague, Brno and Ostrava, where there is a large concentration of people, thus logically increases the production of waste, "said Miroslav Kubásek the initiative, which keeps a record illegal landfills throughout the Czech Republic. "Least of illegal waste repositories can be found on the contrary, in South Bohemia and Vysocina," said Kubásek.

According to experts, formed illegal dumps often hidden and less frequented places where it is easy to enter by car. Typically, land is owned by the municipality or the natural or legal persons who do not care about them too much and do not control them. "Black landfill to be found in ditches, former quarries, forest pools, on the edge of forests or in abandoned buildings. Although most often occurs on a volume of construction waste, furniture, clothing or tires, increasing the amount of old electrical appliances and batteries, which are among the highest risk of waste, "said David Vandrovec, Director of REMA, which deals with the taking back of old electrical appliances and batteries.

Now e-waste poses a great risk the danger of contamination of soil, groundwater pollution and threats to human health and animals. For unsecured landfills because they can leak harmful and toxic substances into the air, water and soil. "The emergence of illegal dumps has yet responsible, not only indifference, but especially the lack of public awareness about how to prevent the establishment of illegal storage. A variant as restriction of access and entry by fences, locked gates or barriers, put up warning signs with the threat of fines, stricter penalties or personal supervision. Very important is also an active social awareness regarding recycling and the free collection directly from the place of residence or business, "said David Vandrovec.

About ZmapujTo

The first version was established in May 2012 as an ecological project to combat illegal waste dumps in the Czech Republic and contribute to solving this problem. The project focused on people who do not like illegal dumps in their neighborhood and want to do something about it. As the best form of mapping appeared to be making a modern, effective and widespread platform for monitoring of landfills. Landfill managed through mobile applications easily and quickly report any smartphone user, another option was to report the landfill through an interactive web form.

Over the lifetime of the first version was reported by more than 2,500 illegal dumps, the project is actively involved in over 40 cities and towns. In March 2014 a second version was launched, which allowed not only to report illegal dumping, but also a whole host of other problems, which in the wild or in cities may encounter. Currently the system has a total of over 7,000 messages and information about the new messages are sent to more than 900 cities and towns.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz, editorially modified

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