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Summer Letná offers from Sunday within 19 days of 135 performances

Summer Letná offers from Sunday within 19 days of 135 performances A total of 135 performances Offers 12th edition of the International Festival of new circus and theater Summer Letná, which will take place from August 16 to September 3 at the traditional location in Prague's Letna Park.

"This year's program is the richest in history - both the range and the number of performances as well as major foreign stars. Such demanding projects, we have not had here, "says the introduction to the festival director Jiri Turek.

The main attractions include a Czech premiere performances of two world stars of new circus, Nofit State Circus from Great Britain and the French group Compagnie Rasposo further opening videomapping Cirque Garuda marquee on the theme of Kaplický's library, the world premiere performance of joint novocirkusového SKUTR directing team and set Cirque Losers Company, study screenings of films theatrical projects Turba, introduction of foreign and Czech companies like Kitch Kong Company Guillaume Martinet, Cink Cink circus Cirkus aunts, Cirkus Mlejn Cirk La Putyka, theater and traditional VOSTO5 rich offer children's shows and fairy tales to 5x daily.

File Nofit State Circus on Letna state during eighteen nights in his tent reminiscent of a huge spaceship performances Bianco. "It is a fascinating combination of different types of aerial acrobatics, which denies the laws of gravity, enchanting live music and unusual scenography. Was inspired by a beauty and roughness, life and death, chaos and simplicity, the contradictions in all of us and the multiplicity of personalities in every human being, "says Jiří Turek.

French troupe Compagnie Rasposo bring on summer summer performances Morsure - a stunning, rugged, animal, physical, existential, full of top acrobatics, circus, dance and theater. Beneath his white dome tent that turns into an arena featuring seven actors and acrobats for live musical accompaniment of three musicians. "They are masters of their disciplines - acrobatics on the high iron cords hanging on your hands, rod and Cyr Wheel. The arrangement of the audience get into almost intimate proximity performers, sharing with them their lives and destinies, "says Jiří Turek. Compagnie Rasposo was established in 1987. During its existence reached the peak of the French new circus.

Festival will open on August 16 disposable videomapping, thanks to which Prague Špejcharu finally "discovers" a unique library of architect Jan Kaplický. During the projection with sound at a circus tent set Nofit State Circus comes alive in the project, Cirque Garuda story understanding and connection with nature. Videomapping will take place from 22 to 23 hours in succession, admission is free.

During the six evenings Summer Summer visitors will be able to meet on the canvas with the creation of Ctibor Turba. When the study screenings will be provided film footage of his theater projects - for example the Clown Pantomimes, Deklaunizace, Giro di Vita, Three Dungbeetles and the like.

New for parents who have child-care and want to visit the evening performances is called. Night Watch, which is for children from 18-22 hours care with an interesting program of apple-lecturer.

The exact program of the festival and additional information are shown on .

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