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Jitka Šuranská & Irén Lovász & Michal Elia Kamal: Three Voices

Jitka Šuranská & Irén Lovász & Michal Elia Kamal: Three Voices Jitka Šuranská Irene Elia Lovasz and Michael Kamal, three unmistakable singer who joined the original project of the festival Folk Holidays in Namest nad Oslavou. The new album is a recording of the meeting and joint concert performances of three stellar files from different landscapes.

Cosmopolitan group Light In Babylon with Israeli singer of Iranian descent Michal Elia Kamal, Hungarian singer Irén Lovasz, Prague international ensemble Shum Davar and mandolin Martin Krajíček found themselves together on the stage next to the initiators of the project, Jitka Suranska.

Folk Holidays dramaturg Michal Schmidt and soul Náměšť meeting three voices violinist and singer Jitka Šuranská fulfill his dream: to use magical environment festival Folk Holidays and transform the legendary night at a meeting of musicians playing together at the fire in something special. It was a risk, and the outcome uncertain.

"The preparation of a joint performances, we had two days and we had to overcome a language barrier. It was also special to build a band of people who do not even know anything about himself knows and come from different cultures," says Jitka Šuranská initial uncertainty. Not only different cultural ties, but also intricately different languages ​​like only Hungarian, Czech and Hebrew may be, could cause the mediocre outcome of the meeting. Singer Michael Elia Kamal describes how she dealt with language problems: "For me, singing songs in Hungarian or Czech something that comes from my heart, because even though I'm not from there, the same feelings and the same stories had to wear long in itself."

And so it turned out that the obstacles were in the right engine for all concerned and made the three voices sounded like one. As if two full days of testing musicians and singers from all over the world in Namest nad Oslavou together pressurized boiler and the concert it fully launched and happy response from underneath him still attach. Star not only Hungarian folklore Irén Lovász agrees: "This project is a good example of the vast power of music: It is the most effective tool, intercultural and interpersonal communication also because it frees blocked emotions."

And everything that has managed to pass and catch on record is the best news.


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