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Allergies to insect bites

Most of us have experienced normal reaction after an insect sting. At the injection site edema occurs, the skin becomes red, sometimes itchy. However, some people are allergic to insect stings. This means that they are extremely sensitive to poison that gets into the wound.

It is important to recognize the signs of normal and allergic reactions. If the body to attack insects react excessively, this is anaphylaxis or anaphylactic shock. It responds so. Early hypersensitivity (allergic individual reacts more strongly than the average person) and is mediated by antibodies that the body produces and normally defend us against infection. In any case, a man so severely allergic to insect venom should wear an accessible place card allergic. Symptoms of anaphylactic shock can be local or systemic. Local manifestations that threaten the patient less are:
cutaneous (skin itching, swelling)
respiratory (runny nose, sneezing, feeling obstructions in the throat, difficulty breathing)
stomach (nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea)
Cardiovascular (irregular heartbeat and palpitations)
genitourinary (renal colic).

More serious symptoms are those of the total, which can be life-threatening allergic. These are nausea, weakness, collapse to unconsciousness, shortness of breath, swelling, vomiting, diarrhea, rapid breathing and heartbeat, as well as cold sweat.

As a layman can help

Helping affected must begin immediately. Pre-medical assistance from a layman consists in preventing the progression of shock and in order to maintain vital functions. Injection area must be cool and in the case of limbs must be arm or leg strangle NAD point of intrusion stings. This slows the absorption rate of the allergen into the bloodstream. Then immediately call for emergency medical assistance and a detailed description of the symptoms of disability. In any case, the patient, even if they claim that he is already better not lay off home without supervision of a doctor!

Important adrenalin

A doctor performs an early cannulation of a vein (superficial veins inserted into a narrow tube - cannula), because there is a quick cardiocirculatory collapse. If there is a failure of basic functions, it started cardiopulmonary resuscitation immediately. This means that the doctor zprůchodní airways and restored heart function. The drug of first choice is epinephrine, which should patient is allergic to insect stings intramuscular injections every carry. If necessary, it is applied to the surroundings sting. Technically it is referred to as an auto-injector. Needless to say, it must not be damaged or have an expired expiration.

Know your enemy

The essence of an allergic reaction is when the immune system over-reacts with great force to the allergen. Thus in this case it is released from the venom stings injection site. It is very important to recognize insects and know which one is the person is allergic. The most serious reactions are the following groups:

Wasps first.
They are black with yellow markings. We can find them in different climates. Their nests are usually located in underground spaces such as basements, but can be found in walls of buildings or cracks in the wall. Among the aggressive species of fly insects. They attack when they sense danger, either as individuals or as a swarm. It can sting repeatedly jab.

Second bees.
They have a rounder and downy body. Their colors are dark brown and yellow. Honeycombed nests can be found mainly in trees, but also to be in old tires or other protected areas. Sting can give each person only once.

3rd Polistes Dominula.
This insect is the color black or brown with white, orange or yellow markings. He lives in the gutters, for blinds, but also in bushes and piles of wood. Its nests are composed of a single leaf with a few dozen cells, which is attached to the substrate short stalk. It is a peace-loving species of insects. From its more aggressive relatives vos distinguishes him abdomen shape that is tapered forward and backward.

4th Hornets.
Are black or brown with white, orange or yellow markings. Gray or brown nests are usually placed on trees, but also on land. They attack in swarms when defending their homes. And they can sting more than once. Although not as aggressive as wasps, but their sting is so strong that it can penetrate clothing.

FIRE fifth or fiery ants.
They live in tropical areas. Create a nest in the form of large burial mounds. They are very aggressive toward people and the painful bite and bite. Morning after their bites very burning, almost "like fire". Origin is in the tropical rainforests of Central and North America, but there have also been extended beyond this region.

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