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dTest: Luxury wedding dress? Only the picture.

Wedding dresses from e-shop with beautiful illustrative photographs and favorable prices could tempt many brides. Inbox dress but may be quite different than the promised wedding photo models. Suspect e-shop, for example, may reveal imperfect Czech in labels and "reviews" customers.

"We met with the case of female consumers who purchased a wedding dress on Pages appear at first glance, trustworthy and easily overlooked, being a dealer in Hong Kong. The consumer found out only after clearance of the consignment and that its problems have only just begun, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest. pages contain a lot of pictures of models in gorgeous wedding gowns. Labels and texts are in English. Attention to your guests and visitors, however, will certainly not miss that translation is not very successful. It says here, for example, "My feedback" machine translator took care of "review" of individual customers, such as: "I was amazed at the quality of this dress. For the price, it's well worth buying. Sizes run a little smaller than I expected. "Business Conditions and other important information is then only in English.

When ordered wedding dress arrived, it transpired that do not correspond with photographs on the website of the seller. In addition, they also had a leaky slip, according to the statement which caused the merchant shipper. On the complaint of inadequate forms of dress selling consumer were told that the dresses are exactly like the photo and does not intend to return the money, even if his goods back.

"Said a consumer was a blessing in disguise, because the order paid by credit card. Immediately after the rejection of the complaint trader turned to his bank and asked for retroactive payment, the so-called chargeback. Should it prove that the consumer is caught with a fraudulent offering, the bank will credit the money back to the buyer and consequently their recovery after the trader to provide itself, "says
Luke Green, adding that the selection of e-shop is always on vigilance, whether we buy expensive dress for an important day or shirts for a few bucks.

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