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Before long way to check car worth

Before long way to check car worth Holidays are in full swing and with it an increased density of traffic on the main routes throughout Europe. A number of Czech motorists prefer a car as the best means of transport for journeys over longer distances. Drivers, however, when planning such trips not forget to check the technical condition of your car. Now traveling long have put extraordinary demands on the vehicle.

The foundation of a safe and comfortable trip on vacation is the perfect condition of the car. Certainly not unreasonable to entrust a comprehensive inspection of the technical state of the car. Most of the authorized services provided during this period discounted actions to control the car just before going on vacation.

If the driver decides your car before traveling to check himself, he should not forget the equipment. If the vehicle is equipped with a spare wheel is recommended before traveling to check the status of the wheel and inflate it to the upper limit prescribed tolerances. If the vehicle is equipped with a tire repair kit, we recommended to check the functionality of the compressor and expiry dates adhesive kit. In any case, it is necessary to pay attention to their own safety, transported passengers and other road users, especially when the defect on a busy road. Here we apply a reflective vests, which are mandatory in most EU countries. Let's not forget that in the car it should be mandatory equipment for not only Czech but also for all transit countries. Attention should also be given the spare bulbs. It is recommended to obtain before going on holiday bulbs kit or try to replace all the exterior lighting bulbs, which is described in the manual.

Besides the thorough preparation of the car, and the preliminary plan your journey is a prerequisite for a smooth ride also comply with basic safety principles. Foremost among these is: not overestimate your abilities. Desire to offend a few hundred (or even more than a thousand) kilometers without a break often leads to overwhelming fatigue symptoms. Exhausted, while the driver is behind the wheel as dangerous as a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs. On long trips it is therefore imperative to interleave control regular stops for food and the rest, in the case of longer routes to choose alternation few drivers on the road or find a suitable place for the night. Long journeys can be tempting to delivering substandard positions crew spent several hours without rest in the vehicle, for example. Demonstrably increases the propensity for improper holding the steering wheel.

Preparations for the long journey, they should not stop at the car itself. It is advisable to read the instruction manual to refresh your memory and driver in a tense situation, chose the correct procedure for solving any problem. Therefore, it is important to remember to vehicle owner's manual at home. If not already available, may be obtained from an authorized service partner.

Source: tz-pity, editorially modified

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