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Weekly Horoscope Aug 17 to Aug 23, 2015

Weekly Horoscope Aug 17 to Aug 23, 2015 Stoically listen to others and take counsel only if they have advice from someone explicitly tells. Do not start a sentence by the words "You have to .." but "I .." ..

Week: 17. 8. 2015 - 23. 8. 2015

Aries (3.21-20.4.)

Dear Lambs, these days you should "sparkle" with their thoughts. Take care that your ideas not forgotten .. The work area is required patience from you. You have nothing to do, so once polevíte, not end it with you well. Let up its efforts in your own interest .. to rule the home, even if you kiss will burn. Think of your emotions and put the power of the passage. Time will tell how well you've done that you're silent ..

Taurus (4.21-20.5.)

Dear Young bulls, pride comes before a fall, do not forget it. A petulance ice will lead to a dispute that can not win. Take a cold shower and you're optimistic to see the world .. In the material realm hesitate to prováháte. Something you decide, but the implementation is still made. To prováhat opportunity? .. In private're currently considerably lenošní do anything. But you should at least talk to some action, because it in front of you a total heap of what needs to be solved. Do not leave things to the last minute ..

Gemini (5.21-21.6.)

Dear Gemini, you have a good week, when some things you will succeed beyond expectations. You have on your side favorable to the circumstances, to the ability to turn things in their favor. What more could you ask for? .. In the material realm is heading a sort of reversal of beneficial effect. Do not worry the changes will be for the better .. In private, you hold a good mood, so little will affect the neighborhood as a child of fortune. With the taste you start all that is needed. And you will not always so. "First good" ..

Cancer (22.6-22.7.)

Dear gulls, these days will help raise your self-esteem - in many ways. The truth is inclined at your side, your view will be the best possible .. At work something clearer to the extent that you are able to have a final result only pleasure and benefit. Unnecessarily nešťourejte in anything, let things flow .. At home, you have a chance to emerge as someone who knows how to manage a problem that occurs. You could for instance. Detect any fraudulent offer related to someone you love. To admiring applause you do not even take off slippers .. ;-)

Lion (23.7 to 23.8).

Dear Lowchens, came a time when it is possible to realize a long thought-out plan. Do you have enough power and you can get down to work. What begins now, the future good .. Material matters will not be pleased, payment probably will not be to the liking, or you disappoint a collaborator, though not fulfill the promise. It will not be about life, waving it off, the worse things in the world, so why spoil your day de facto trivia .. In addition to the privacy of your heads a very nice fluke. Think of it as a gift of fate. Just Luck smiles on you ..

Virgo (8.24-23.9.)

Dolls expensive, if you are going to someone ruse, think it over. If you would be compensated for your happiness strange misfortune, joy result does not .. In financial matters would not be so stubborn. You could get into a situation where the encounter with the enemy, but the chances of winning are slim. "Wiser retreats" applies here more than ever .. Pay more energy privacy. Here it looks like an unexpected turn for the better. Take things with greater ease, because life is short and you need to enjoy it ..

Libra (24.9-10.23)

Dear Libra, most of you would be ahead should have a very nice day. Trust intuition and go with some nice little way to childhood. Selecting "journey" is up to you .. The material realm is necessary to throw all worries - at least seven days. Higher power of your problems will solve themselves, and what is not solved, it was worth it, to make it zalamovaly .. In the personal sphere comes love. Whether you like it or not. Somebody loves you and is with you only the best of intentions. Love at first sight is not at all excluded. Or the second ..

Scorpio (10.24-11.22)

Dear Scorpios, frankly, you're exactly where you deserve to be. And that is where most of you like that, no doubt about that. A few of you may have a little problem, which is removed at the moment when you are true to yourself .. At work it wants peace and not to mix up anything. Stoically listen to others and take counsel only if they have advice from someone explicitly tells. Do not start a sentence by the words "You have to .." but "I .." .. In private use every opportunity to experience that comes along. Memories of what you experienced, no one takes away. That is true wealth ..

Sagittarius (11.23-21.12.)

Dear shooters, well, we're already better days, it is therefore a fact. But - are rushing into everything head first, keep your distance and detachment, as much as possible, and you should politely period somehow survive the loss of minimums "flowers" .. Materially, therefore, really not much. And that you still going to a pickpocket or a fake trader or unnecessary investment in anything - in a lot of bets in the first place. It takes vigilance at all times .. In private, you do not want to accept the opinions of others, and you then "napučení as slippers." Still hard to understand that a different opinion does not indicate enemy. Often it is the complete opposite ..

Capricorn (22.12.-01.20)

Dear Ibexes if you somewhere scrambles mind with the heart, then it must be honestly say which option represents a smaller loss. According to this act .. The substantive issues are showing considerable confusion. You should first of all calm and quiet (!) For himself alone to assess priorities. Only this is the way .. Privacy is the hallmark of love. Old love, new love - precisely the love that you actually need. Any start will be for you a very salutary effect. Look forward to something nice, comfortable - on the body and the soul ..

Aquarius (21.1-19.2.)

Dear Aquarius, you still have a tendency to do that avoiding certain truth, if it was not. But it is! And not escape before her. Once you realize this, a lot of you feel better. When, it is up to you .. The financial and labor matters Wait a fair remuneration for their activities. The more diligent you were, the richer will be the result. Nothing neošidíte, this area is under the patronage of Lady Justice. Although this is sometimes blind, for you actually really do not pay .. ;-) Private trouble, roll the head, so that they can pick up a higher strength and resolve them for you. You can enjoy the summer days as you like and you worry nepřipouštějte. Believe that most of them will be solved, "alone" ..

Fish (2.20-20.3.)

Dear Rybičky, oops, oops, again something you do not see because you do not fit into "the pond" eh? How do you want, you'll cry. Not now and there is still time to accept the situation as a fact, but for a long time and do not hesitate to admit that someone, however. And tell him .. tangible area guarded by the highest protective force - itself starry sky. The plot is anything that gets away from you as the winner .. The privacy can shift happening around you in your favor. Believe in yourself, because now is your self-esteem and healthy so we can go far. Where do you want to go ..

Famous words to ponder:

"To speak and think, is like shooting and heading towards .."
(Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra)

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