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Flying on vacation? Attention to the size of the room!

Traveling by plane with a little exaggeration recalls the struggle of kilograms and dimensions. Limits for luggage while not depend only from a specific shipping company, but also depends on the type of ticket purchased. We offer some basic information that will help with packing suitcases.

When traveling by plane distinguishes the cabin (hand) and registered (Checked) Baggage.

Cabin baggage, each passenger can take on board the machine free of charge. According to the limits of specific airlines are mostly one or two allowable baggage, in which, however, can not wrap everything. For these bags or backpacks are strict security measures. Before any journey thus better inform you on board can take.

Checked baggage
contrary traveling in the luggage compartment machines, which means that it can not access in flight. For its transportation can pay. Generally, they checked baggage usually are not included in the price of tickets low-cost companies (so-called low cost tickets). When shopping for larger companies is permissible weight varies according to the type of ticket purchased. In this case, again, usually, the more expensive ticket you buy, the bigger and heavier can be your checked baggage.

Backpack or a purse?

Currently, there is no consistent regulation that would determine the maximum size of hand luggage. Each airline sets limits so alone. For a better idea - on board Czech Airlines you can take hand luggage with a maximum size of 55 cm x 45 cm x 22 cm. Low-cost airline easyJet turn requires maximum dimensions of 50 cm × 40 cm × 20 cm, including handles and wheels. And thirdly, the airline Smart Wings permitted hand luggage with maximum dimensions of 56 x 45 x 25 cm. If the bag does not meet the prescribed limits, you have to let him check in the luggage compartment.

Also, when extremely busy years is not uncommon, that must be some cabin baggage checked in, mostly without any extra charge. Regarding the balance, in general, it should not weigh more than 5-10 kg. In this respect, the situation varies considerably. For example, if you fly with easyJet, you can take aboard luggage weighing up to 20 kg. Conversely, on board an aircraft company Smart Wings can take hand baggage with a maximum weight of 5 kg.

You may pay

Checked baggage is not on low-cost airlines included in ticket prices. In this case, for you will have to pay extra. The size and weight of checked baggage is also different among individual airlines. Charter flights, transporting clients of Czech travel agencies on foreign holidays, they usually limit of 15 kg per adult. It currently operates charter flights for the vast majority of Czech tourists by Smart Wings. If you fly on your own, you can affect the size of checked baggage selecting the route. Czech Airlines, for example, offer a weight limit of 15, 23 and 32 kg by price ticket purchased.

Weight limits and the allowed dimensions therefore vary for each airline, and you need to check before traveling conditions. Current information usually found on the website of the respective airlines.

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