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Protected wilderness in the US is 1,000 square kilometers more

US President Barack Obama last week hallowed federal protection another piece of wilderness Skaliských mountains in the central part of the state of Idaho in the western US.

Newly protection within the national system of protected areas enjoyed Wilderness in Sawtooth National Recreation area and its surroundings. Specifically: White Cloud Wilderness, Jim McClure - Jerry Peak Wilderness and Hemingway - Boulders Wilderness. The latter area is named after Ernest Hemingway, who lived and died in the nearby town of Ketchum.

Total has now garnered national level of protection of 1,113 square kilometers. New legislation aims to protect the local nature while maintaining a recreational area, which is important for the local economy.

Obama described Idaho as one of the most beautiful states of the USA, which houses some of the greatest national treasures and expressed pride over the fact that he can sign a bill increasing their protection.

"It's a remarkable achievement," said
Obama for "It is used by fishermen, hunters, rafters, people on tours. It is not only beautiful, but also as an important economic engine for the State - tourist attraction of a job," he added.


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