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Visiting US? Learn about medical care for a large puddle

Going to the United States? Then you will definitely be interested in where and how to possibly seek medical help. The US is working health care system that does not force people to pay health insurance. The cost of treatment themselves may climb to hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Health care in the United States is at a very high professional level. At the same time among the most expensive worldwide. To illustrate - good health insurance comes to $ 400 a month, which is about 10,000 crowns. No wonder that in this populous country of around 46 million individuals without health insurance. Doctors or hospitals in the United States is not allowed to refuse a patient in a serious state of health or life is threatened. However, if a particular individual is not insured, medical facilities release him immediately after the stabilization of the medical condition. Debt recovery does not stop even after leaving the hospital, or even after the departure from the country. In the US in general, the State Hospital and hospitals in poorer neighborhoods are recognized for individual acts lower rates than private facilities. Of the total number of US hospitals but overwhelmingly outweigh private ones. For a better idea - for example, the rate for yanking the teeth varies between a minimum from 150 to 650 US dollars and the price of examination for trivial infections is around $ 100.

Travel insurance is absolutely necessary

Due to the significant complexity of health care in the US is completely beyond the scope of this article to discuss the different types of health facilities. For travelers headed for a big puddle importantly the fact that the most reliable way to avoid possible complications is travel insurance. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic recommends a limit of indemnity of at least EUR one million, it is also suitable insurance for the transport of persons hospitalized and repatriation of the deceased. Insurance companies, however, recommend a higher limit, for example. ERC European Insurance advises its clients to limit medical expenses insurance for at least 3 mil. CZK.

In addition to identity documents and evidence on contracted travel insurance is recommended to carry the address and phone partner insurance company in the US.

Observe the helpdesk

In the development of health problems should always contact the assistance service insurance.
It is available to you 24 hours a day.
When an insured event please see our insurance carrier.
The insurance company will arrange a visit to the nearest medical facility, with whom he has a contract. Contractual relationship with partner health facilities guarantee quality treatment standards-compliant Czech Republic.
Remember require a complete medical report. Its exposure is the duty of every doctor. It should include a visit to the cause, diagnosis, examination results, course of treatment and medications prescribed to.
It is also important to account rozepsanými prices for individual medical procedures. After returning home as soon as possible, contact your insurance company to report the claim.

United States undoubtedly offer a number of unforgettable experiences. Whether you enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the Great Lakes, or visiting American cities, remember that this country has its downside in the form of expensive health care. To get out of the way thus brought nothing but positive memories, do not forget to take out travel insurance.

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