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Gangster Ka

Gangster Ka Crime thriller Gangster Ka is filmed on a story by Jaroslav Kment who is the author of "Padrino Krejčíř". Hynek Cermak: "It's disgusting to live the life of gangsters .."


The new film from the Czech underworld we already reported earlier, today we bring views on the film-makers themselves: the lead role Hynek Cermak, director Jan Pachla subject and author, and co-writer Jaroslav Kmenta.

Hynek Cermak (Radim Kraviec ala Káčko)

"It's disgusting to live the life of gangsters .."

Dejvického theater actor, winner of the Czech Lion for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in 2011 in the film Innocence. On television and on the big screen it, viewers can see each other since 1993. He has appeared in the films Men in Hope, Innocence, Saint foursome, language Santini, Prince Wenceslas, Kajínek, Dodgeball, American letters in the TV series Last season, Branch, CSI Angel Eden, Náměstíčko, Cops and Robbers, Innocent Lies, Four Star, Circus Bukowski, to the ears, Winemakers and others.

Who do you play in the film?

I play Radim Kraviece, a gangster called Káčko. Its prototype is indeed Radovan Krejčíř, but do not create an autobiographical figure. We were inspired by life Krejčíř and his cause. Otherwise it's literary fiction.

What will be the gangster in your administration?

Partly coward, part psychopath. Viewers can at least realize what is around us psychopaths who have a high impact on policy.

What was the hardest part of playing the bad guy?

Defend its way of life and worldview.

When did you last played the villain?

Bastard I've played in a long time. Last time around Richard III. That's a great villain, whom I had the privilege to play. That my life a lot intervened. Just like now, Radim Kraviec.

How can Kraviec intervened in life?

With such people with such negative energy is not working well. Very hard to then get out of myself. It shook up my personal life, with opinions. Right now I am experiencing such a period, as if I was in a rehabilitation center. I need to get back to its normal position. I started to ride unrestrained in a car, and quickly, because I feel that all is one that I'm Superman, who can afford it. I know. They're just a little thing that disappears. But I have to put together. Become normal again Hynek Cermak.

What is it like to live life "off about a gangster?"

Nothing nice it probably will not. They live in the ephemeral world of wealth and prosperity. But also probably in fear, which outwardly admit. Gangsters by me not think too much about tomorrow, given their scale of values.

It's probably pretty crazy life?

I agree, it's disgusting. Frauds and violence? It is necessary to have stomach and appropriate temper. That does not mean that I admire. It's just a different kind of life.

What did you think of the filming took Gangster Ka?

Of those positive things? Maybe it's that personal freedom is something that depends on the scale of values ​​of each person. With Kraviecem I agree in many respects, in terms of views on freedom. But the way her man acquires and makes it very different from my expectations.

And of those negative things you have learned something?

This movie makes me think about what is in effect the world around us. Often it is not just like what we are trying to show him the people who govern us. One must take care of himself and use his scale of values. And even here, more than elsewhere, is true Kant: starry sky above me, the moral law within me.

So now that you watch the news on TV, and with a large gap?

It's very simple: I do not believe anything at all. And anybody. After my experience with this film, now I let the television and I can only laugh. Most reports for me would be shadowed by the fact that it probably is not true, because "who knows who you got?" I do not believe anything at all, which is despair.

But the movie, viewers can look forward to?
Of course. It will be great Czech action film, which will show a different face of our life.

Director Jan Pachl:

"I wonder how the film will perceive the Czech underworld."
Director and screenwriter, he studied Film College in Pisek and then film directing at FAMU. Circus Bukowski - TV series CT (1st, 2nd series), currently filming begins for CT series tantrum.

What for you was the hardest scene as a director?

From the beginning I knew that the greatest challenge of the film are scenes bonding to South Africa, God forbid an action character. So my black so Peter was from the beginning an image named as: PAKISTAN QUARTER, EXT., NOC. It's the final scene in which he goes Káčko settle accounts with Pakistani gang, who pipped him 40 kg of methamphetamine. The idea of combining exotic locations Johannesburg, fifty Pakistanis - stunt, Czech actors and firing of weapons, has since the beginning of producer-copyright challenge that with great effort managed to crack. The scene also acts incredibly authentic.

What is your favorite scene?

Those scenes are more and usually attach to the main antihero. Káčko is simply unbelievable asocial or exotic. Never ceases to amaze. His reactions are different from normal social model. Like when in the second episode welcomes his wife and newborn son after the arrival of the hospital and the house he openly marching naked lover. Or scene in which 'high jumps into the pool drained and begin to worship a dead father ... These are the scenes that make me a lot of fun, because although they may look vycucané of a finger, the base is in real life. It was only necessary to find a suitable artist, and it certainly is Káčko. This guy is like the blackest joke. At the beginning you do not know, halfway through you start laughing, and when it comes the punch line, freezes you in the back.

What gave you the project, and vice versa married?

GANGSTER KA is my first feature film realized, so that it is itself a win for all the money. "

How do you evaluate this experience after the Czech organized crime?

Rather, I want to know how the Czech organized crime evaluate our film. Maybe it is now fit to say some gibberish in the sense: through studying the mechanisms of organized crime in our country, corruption of the state apparatus and the awareness of the inviolability of the greatest villains, I lost all illusions ... blah ... No, it did not. I had no illusions did not have before.

Jaroslav Kment (story and co-writer)

"It's not an autobiography Krejčíř. But it's the story of a gangster who's really raging. "

His articles exposing corruption and mafia connections and politics led to the resignation of a range of politicians, including Prime Minister Stanislav Gross, Deputy Prime Minister Egon Lány and Transport Minister Vit Barta. Because of the book Godfather II Mrazek - Krakatice embraced by politicians muzzle law that the media (absurdly) forbade publishing wiretaps. Kmenta is one of the pioneers of the so-called investigative journalism in the Czech Republic. In 2010 it won the prestigious prize Karel Havlicek Borovsky for long-term and consistent investigative journalism. Books on Czech Underworld Trilogy Godfather Mrazek and a witness to the killing became bestsellers. Based on the book The Godfather Mrazek was filmed story godfather.
Sept. 3, 2015 released a new book on the investigation of criminal activities Radovan Krejcir. The book will be called "Padrino Krejčíř - Gangster". Returns the reader to the beginning of a career Krejčíř the nineties and at the turn of the millennium.

"While last year's title" Padrino Krejčíř - African "to describe the current situation of refugees in South Africa, this time the story comes back in a time warp back to the Czech Republic. Readers will learn how Krejčíř started as fraud planned to why it targeted the police and what led that was put on the track gangster. The book will bring a number of innovations will have plenty of pictures and a large map with spider relations around Krejčíř and fraud. It also came with a book and screenplay for the film GANGSTER KA.

Do not expect an autobiography criminals Radovan Krejcir. It is not a film about Krejcir. It's a film inspired by reality and my books Padrino Krejčíř. But the scenario we wrote with Jan reeked with the knowledge that many of the scenes we'll have to move a lot of artistic license. I would say that 80 percent of the film is completely inspired by real events and characters. The rest of the license. Especially in family life gangster look Ducky please likeness to reality. We do not know and do not want to discuss family relationships real Krejčíř. We want to piece together the story of a criminal who has intervened in the life of society, influenced by high politics and triggered a series of scandals, due to which he fell and police chief.

I had the greatest fear, as in the film manages to explain a nutshell incredibly brazen and sophisticated scams that are in reality around Radovan Krejcir cases occurred. He fell relieved when after the first screenings of working people understood. Above the arcades around the company Cepro fraud we smelled Jan spent many hours. I realized that the years spent monitoring and analyzing these cases are not transferable. And is not just to cover the whole range up to two hours. In this Pachl John he played a key role, because when I entered the main thesis of fraud finally came, came up with the idea as a whole visually portray and explain.

Screenplay and artwork, let evaluate someone else. But I managed to film director Jan smelled true gangster. It has a great atmosphere and excellent performances. If you love the performing arts Hynek Cermak, you have to really look forward to. And not only on him. "

Source: press kit, tz

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