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You are burning or biting? Bet on marigold and plantain

August's warm weather brings with it not only a pleasant relaxation and wellbeing, but also lurk on our minor ailments and injuries that go with summer hand in hand. The most common include lacerations and abrasions, which annually affects about 20% of adults and more than 30% of children.

During the holidays we miss even though numerous insect bites or painful marks on the skin caused by sharp rays of the sun. How do these small inconveniences summer compensate the natural way using medicinal herbs?

Pinch rub fresh plantain or daisy

From the forest or by the water in the summer, often leaving the reddish and itchy papules on the body. For mosquitoes, horseflies, midges, but for the bees and wasps is easy attraction bare skin. Ideal prevention is repellent, if it is not protected skin, it is often difficult to prevent bites and stings. One of the effective herbs that relieve itching and promote the natural healing of the puncture site is fresh meadows and glades. That commonly grows in the meadow, and it is easily accessible. This is a relatively low plant that is characterized by elongated dark green leaves.

"Plantain addition to the treatment of insect bites can also help in diseases of the lungs and bronchi, as well as skin problems. Applications herbs swelling is simple. Just pulverize or crush the leaves between your fingers and rub the affected area with the situation. It relieves itching, reduces swelling and acts protizánětlivě.Stejně quick reactions and a daisy. Even here it is necessary to pulverize leaves and rub the swelling. You can also use St. John's, which works best in combination with olive oil. One of the most effective means to bites then grapefruit oil, which not only mitigate possible effects, but also removes the possible consequences, "says herbalist famous Czech Jarmila Podhorná the company hopes that deals with the manufacture of products from herbs.

Sunburns chilled aloe and chamomile

Sunbathing necessarily belong to the summer. Many of us often forget to thoroughly protect the skin, which may be prolonged sun exposure unpleasant burn. Solar radiation in the summer months is much stronger than in other seasons, we turn to us, for example, even through clouds. However, if you do not pay too much effort to prevent a skin burn us painfully, help fresh herbs. One of the gifts of nature that heals burnt skin, the aloe vera.

"They say that its effects are almost miraculous. This plant has had many uses. Heals wounds and burns, it soothes, cools and restores damaged cells. Also a beneficial effect on the digestive system, supports immunity and defense against infections, lower blood sugar, has antioxidant properties and anti-cancer potential. It is used also in dental medicine, aromatherapy, and homeopaths. One of the most effective means for the sunburn is calendula oil and St. John's wort oil. Both only soothe burns, but also accelerate the healing of the skin. For heavy burns can be used buckthorn ointment, "says herbalist Podhorná.

Abrasions to attach comfrey and lemon balm

Abrasions and lacerations, which in summer mostly Engendering while swimming, nature tours or popular sports, it is necessary to first wash with clean water to prevent infection. The function of chemical disinfectant and ointment replace herbs such as comfrey, lemon balm, horsetail, plantain, speedwell, butterbur or agrimony. They can either crush or make a decoction of them, which get wet compress. "For example, comfrey in natural medicine appeared since the 12th century. It uses the root and leaves that can cure almost any abrasion. Positive effect on swelling and bruising. Although Melissa has a positive effect in particular on the nervous system, but can also help in case of injuries, preferably as a decoction or oil. Thanks meduňce the wound heal faster. Relieve pain and faster return healthy skin appearance and vitality also helps agrimony, which has an additional antibacterial effects, the fastest we can use the resources of these herbs and ointment of comfrey and chestnut, St. John's wort oil or spray the roots of burdock, comfrey and couch, " Jarmila closer Podhorná.

Contusions best dispels sage, wormwood bruised back and Thyme

Even if the bruises you look for comfrey. Attenuates the pain and promotes healing of the skin. Healing power has also sage, which, combined with marigold and chamomile has a beneficial effect, or arnica, which also alleviates rheumatism and mend strained joints. If you during the summer sport inflicted a bruise, put her poultice of warm steamed wormwood stems or leaf decoction of thyme. "Both herbs accelerate healing and relieves sensitivity of the site of injury. On contusions, bruises and swelling are also ideal herbal mixtures and ointments made ​​from comfrey or alder, which has a very healing effect, possibly also St. John's wort oil. Sometimes it takes an incredibly oil from burdock root and Linaria, "recommends herbalist.

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