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He does not want the child to wear a helmet on a bike? Try a few tricks

You are going in the summer on a cycling trip with your children? Remember them on the road properly equip and instruct. The bike is a great way to enjoy an active vacation, therefore, do not try to mess up with unnecessary complications.

The first thing you need to check before you leave the bike alone. Right to be so high that the child has reached his feet on the ground when he dismounts from the saddle, but the gap between the body and the upper part of the frame is not greater than 7 cm. It also needs to inspect the brakes, tires and rear derailleur. It is best to give a lap before the start of the season in a specialized workshop, where he was well-adjusted.

Never without a helmet

When the wheel is in order, comes the additional equipment, which is based on the helmet.
It should never stick out, spin or to collapse the head.
Proper helmet sits firmly, with no pressure and must always be switched on, otherwise it loses its meaning.
Quality head protectors are marked with the European Standard CE 1078 German TÜV-GS.
With the helmet with care when breaking down, so the protective effect decreases. Therefore, you should not use a model that has already passed some larger collision or fall. It can be cracked in a place where it is not visible, and in the event of another accident, it does not protect.

Children with helmets often do not like and do not want to wear them - try to surprise them, for example, reflective stickers, which can decorate according to his helmet and in addition will be easier to see in dim light.

Stingy colors

If children are going to be driving through areas of high traffic, teach them basic rules. Preference right direction and pointing among the most important ones. Small children should never sprout on the road not if but otherwise not, always be within their reach. The basic rule of driving between cars is to be seen. The more colorful and reflective elements wearing baby will have, the better.

Pedal solid

On a bike with little cyclists can injure even for seemingly trivial things. It is therefore necessary to control straps of the backpack to be entangled in the wheel, and legs which can pinch the chain. Also important is the choice of shoes. Sandals, flip flops or even bare feet are very dangerous. They can hook a hooker or a nearby branch or another obstacle. Even if you feel that you are driving a bit and after a safe terrain, so your child lace up boots into solid, you never know where your path may introduce.

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