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It is the right time to change gas supplier. What do you keep an eye on?

You have to gas household and want to save? Right now we are come the most opportune time to switch suppliers. A typical notice period of the contract is three months, so if you choose a new supplier now, you can use it right from the beginning of the heating season.

To pay less, go to cheaper suppliers. "Our comparison shows that the differences are greater than that of electricity as a significant portion of the price consists of unregulated market component. But try to choose a permanent contract or a short term binding. If there was an overall decline in prices and you have a long time, another change would prevent fat penalty for premature termination of the contract, "suggests Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

The transition to a new supplier is not difficult. Just choose a specific range, address contractor, carefully read the contract documents in the case to provide full satisfaction of his power. On the basis of that for you handled most of the formalities with a former supplier and de facto home you do not know anything - except for new headers on the invoices. Definitely do not worry about any disruption in supplies associated with the transition.

Important notice periods to the original vendor.
Open-ended contracts tend to have a notice period of three months. That's just enough to settle all the issues associated with the transition. If it is a fixed-term contract, the situation is worse. If you do not pay penalties for early termination of the contract, you have to endure until the end of the set period.

It pays to fix the price of gas? "Certainly it pays to think about it more than for electricity. Gas prices did not drop nearly as regularly and in the medium term may also lead to an increase. If you heat the gas and pay for it forms a significant part of the budget, fixation can protect you, "says Luke Green. But beware of the fact that fixed costs are usually tied to contracts for a specified period.

Suppliers often offer a variety of special discounts and bonuses it pays to compare and therefore complementary offerings. For example, you need a new boiler? Some companies collaborate with other companies and give you a discount on the installation, ensure a free revision or equal to put a new boiler. Of course, not completely free - it will be necessary for longer contracts and proper subscriptions. Conditions have carefully read. A tiny often get a discount if you are removing both gas and electricity from one supplier. Discounts may also apply to pensioners, invalids, or even employees of companies that have the same vendor. However, such is not always pays off and sometimes you will find a menu that is already cheaper in the base without being she be subject to the said bonus.

"Supplier contact directly. Often you do individual offer, you will not find in the price list. With a little exaggeration is true that if you supply your current bill, most vendors will try to offer a better price and entice you to switch. In rank but additional conditions, such as duration of fixed-term contracts, "with green wadi.

Results comparing the prices of gas suppliers in the specific case of the model can be found at

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