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Urinary tract infections can torment even in summer. Beware of wet swimsuits and dehydration

Inflammation of the urinary tract, urinary tract infection, urinary tract infection. Several different names for one very unpleasant affair. Especially for women who have the disease often undergo repeated. Every third woman urological inflammation tormented for life on several occasions. Many of them, however, has no idea that inflammation is not only a direct consequence of hypothermia, but their agents are bacteria. How is a urinary tract infection manifested, healing and how they can best be prevented?

The cause of urinary tract infection is the presence of harmful bacteria in the urinary tract, up to 80 percent of cases it is the bacterium Escherichia coli, which is headquartered in the colon. Despite adherence to hygiene measures can sometimes be a departure bacteria from the anus to the urethra and passed on to the bladder. If the bacteria in the bladder further multiplied, can cause inflammation of the urinary tract. Difficulty with bladder suffers mostly women, since the rectum and urethra are very close together and germs must overcome a short distance to get into the urinary tract. Men also have a longer urethra than females, and the bacteria so they often do not arrive to the bladder, where they could proliferate and cause additional infection.

Do not go to inflammation of the kidneys

UTI are usually accompanied by unpleasant burning during urination, which can pass through the rusty feelings. No exception fever, lower abdominal pain, and in the urethra. Sometimes the urine can appear in blood in it gets irritated and congestion of the bladder mucosa. If the pain moved to the lumbar area, board fever and red-colored urine, comes high time for a doctor. Untreated urinary tract can reach the kidneys and in such a case is usually required hospitalization.

Drink, drink and drink again

If you search for medical help, with developed urinary tract will most likely deploy antibiotic treatment. Organism in each case supplying plenty of fluids. "Increased fluid intake should pay attention in the summer when your body is exposed to high temperatures and excessive sweating. Adult should consume each day about two to three liters of fluid a day, which of course depends on the lifestyle and body weight. The best drinks are then non-carbonated water and unsweetened fruit or herbal teas. Ideally, avoid drinking coffee or alcohol, which drain the body, "says specialist PharmDr. Klara Minczinger the company Generica. A large portion of women with urinary tract returning unfortunately, sometimes several times a year. In this case it is necessary to test for urology and gynecology. It is necessary to exclude and optionally doléčit gynecological infections, which can cause secondary infections of the urinary tract.

The basis of hygiene, and cranberries can help

Preventive step number one is sufficient hygiene of intimate parts and regular drinking regime. It is necessary not to hold urine and regular bladder emptying. Additional prevention against urinary tract can become products containing cranberry powder, mainly food supplements with standardized content of proanthocyanidins. "Active substances in cranberry extracts play a role in the prevention of urinary tract infections by preventing the adhesion of bacteria to the wall of the urinary tract. Dietary supplements with cranberries can get in pharmacies without a prescription, and classify them as first aid in travel medicine chests, "says Klara Minczinger of Generica company that offers a capsule containing live cultures and extract obtained from cranberries.

Chills danger only in winter

In the summer despite high air temperatures can become a stumbling block must be wet swimsuit. The ideal environment for the development of urinary tract infections is produced, for example, during a long stay in a wet bathing suit during the holidays. In combination with light harsh weather, incurred during the cooler evening, the disease can break out in a matter of a few hours and thus spoil the whole holiday. After bathing, therefore, prefer to change into dry clothes. Immediately after the inflammation is not swimming in public pools or outdoor appropriate only in clean water that is too cold.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz, editorially modified

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