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Women ignore certain rules of safe travel

Women ignore certain rules of safe travel About Women brake loops are said to ride more conservatively than men. Where does this statement come from? What is the real world of women behind the wheel and how they perform in their knowledge and driving habits compared with men surveyed online magazine for women drivers woman in the car. In a survey answered by a total of 608 respondents, of which 434 women and 174 men, some answers were more than surprising.

Like most disturbing proved answers about the safety of the transported children. A third of the women, but a third of those surveyed men had confessed to the fact that a child in a car seat when riding a short distance at all does not attract.

In addition, three-quarters of female drivers incorrectly answered the question of where the car is the safest place for a toddler. Only a fifth of drivers and brakes actively exploring and studying the principles of safety toddlers in the car and knows how and where is the safest place a child seat. For children up to 1.5 years, it is in the back seat facing backwards. The muscles of the neck infants is very weak, constantly evolving. Front impact is thus the first year of a child's life is very dangerous, car seats mounted in the direction of travel of such an impact load is 5 times higher than for counter installation.

A third of women and men themselves also revealed that the management pays 100% of the management as it tries to kids in the car actively seize common chat. In addition, 30% of mothers and 38% of dads hoping the kids in the car somehow entertain themselves. De facto quietly risking the way a bored or screaming child.

Women resist some technologies

Although the women say they can not read maps, navigation in conjunction with road maps can literally get their hearts absolute majority of women had a variant regularly use.
Some technological innovations, however, prevents the brakes. Cruise Control uses only a quarter. In principle, they do not know how to turn it on. For men, it is exactly the opposite. But what is common to both sexes, is their interest in the traffic information, which is in the car listening to three-quarters of drivers, but route them to adapt to listener 61% and 70% of listeners.

Self-sufficiency of women demonstrate that a significant part in the event of complications with a car can "help" themselves, 50% of them would have simply called out assistance service. Women are thus in comparison with men is much more reliant on the help of others (32% of women compared with 3% of men). A total of 10% of women however, in such a situation is not afraid to venture into the first repair themselves.

Every second woman in the car is subject to multitask

With women is often linked to the idea that manage to multitask. The results show that men handle multitasking behind the wheel. More than half of drivers and brakes manages to devote to other activities. Smoking, eating, talking on the phone without a hands-free, however, may have an effect on attention while driving. Half smoking a cigarette forgive even while driving. Half of women and three-quarters of men regularly eat while driving. Is not satisfactory statistics using a cell phone while driving. Law in this case, although comply with more women, but not consistently. A total of 34% of women and 51% men in the management and defers phone call or send text messages while driving. All these activities while driving greatly reduces the concentration of the driver and significantly lengthen the response time in case of unexpected accident.

Ailments behind the wheel

A positive finding of the survey is the fact that half of the men and women of claims to be a partner in the car quarrel. The second half it says that only occasionally used a vulgar word.
It also showed that three quarters of women would never sit behind the wheel after drinking alcohol or intoxicated with the car. Men are less principled on this issue. Every second has to drive after drinking alcohol ever tried.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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