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Mime Fest in Poličce: classical pantomime, new circus and wild Balkan rhythms

Mime Fest in Poličce: classical pantomime, new circus and wild Balkan rhythms The stars of the world of mime and clowning Michael Trautman, group or Okidoki Bodecker & Neander arrive in shelves, where on September 14 will kick off week-long international festival of mime Mime Fest. It offers over twenty performances for children and adults, professional workshops, family performances in the square and even concert band Circus Problem.

The fourth edition of the only Czech festival of pantomime will take place Sept. 14 to 19, traditionally in the East Poličce. There currently Mime Fest has its loyal audience, which this year will not disappoint. Offers laughter, fun and at the same time encourage them to think about. Satisfy even the most artistically discerning viewers and everything will culminate in a performance of the band Balkan rhythms. That is something to look forward, evidenced by the prestigious brand EFFE festival, which was Mime Fest awarded after three years of operation!

As every year, even now heading to the festival mimes from many countries. Before poličským audience will feature top juggler Michael Trautman and his ping pong rodeo, or the most important assistants Marcel Marceau Bodecker & Neander visual witty performances Deja-vu was. "Every year we seek and strive to bring the best of what can be domestic and foreign files to offer. We are glad that our festival has become an important center of pantomime and beyond the borders of the Czech Republic and Central Europe, "says Radim Vizváry, artistic director and dramaturg of the festival.

Vizváry himself
known Czech mime and Polička native, to prepare for the festival premiere solo clown show TÝÝJÓÓ. The entertainment will also be taken care of on the performance of crazy Belgian duo Okidoki that in the Czech Republic for the very first time! Challenging the audience waiting for themes depicting the problems of society and individuals today: Distinctive and perhaps shocking performances of Finnish clown Heli Väätäinen or new production of domestic File Mime Club, Heydrich. The audience will also appreciate the synovial that exaggeration is about a man's body or Bluff Georgian Lilit Company being forced to think about the origins of man.

Mime Fest but also targeted at young audiences, which is a series of performances this year directly addressed. The smallest magician inspires Ales Hrdlicka, schoolchildren again Michael Trautman. The whole family can then come and watch on Saturday 20 September Poličské square where they see unrestrained Balkan Czech ensemble Mime Fatale, accompanied by the band Circus Problem.

The culmination of the festival will be the traditional and popular Mime Evening, where on Saturday evening will play the most important guests of the festival. Mime Fest thereby confirming its importance: It is a platform for mimic art and rehabilitates almost forgotten field, which today manages to surprise its modern form.

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