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Skupova Plzen: Giant puppets in the streets

Skupova Plzen: Giant puppets in the streets The last holiday weekend not miss in Pilsen, where will be held a unique show with giant puppets, opening the festival Skupova Pilsen. As a tribute to the tradition of the Pilsen puppetry, which includes giants such as Josef Skupa or Jiri Trnka, according to the European Capital of Culture 2015 unforgettable performances directly to the streets of Pilsen.

Right in the center meet a walking, talking marionette theater group Carros de Foc from Spain, which are 28 to 30 August along with dozens of acrobats, dancers and musicians of the unique outdoor performance of La Niña. It originated tailor Pilsen and will tell the story of a little girl, her toys, and fulfilled dreams.

"Thanks to an invitation from the European Capital of Culture, we in the Czech Republic for the first time and it's a chance for us to get to know the local people, local life and gain experiences. We realize the importance of the title, which carries Pilsen, and we will try to be the best. The atmosphere is magical city, old buildings fascinate us, we feel there imagination - in the air literally flying art! In DEPO2015 we noticed that the changing environment of the city, that of industrial space created artistic and creative space. What we like, "said the director
of the Spanish Carros de Foc file.

Before the evening performance, people can giant puppets admired since Friday morning in the courtyard of Plzensky Prazdroj, the general partner of the project. There will be five characters: a twenty dragon, a magical horse, thirsty camel Kamil, Knight Emil and wolf Chrtka. Eagle Přemysla at all times exposed to Republic Square, nestled on the brewing giant barrel. At 17 hours, the other puppets embark on a short trip to the city, where everyone will take his place at sites along with Orlicí Premysl will doze until 20:30 pm awaken the voice of the narrator. In the evening, then come to life and transform the historic center of Pilsen and the nearby area DEPO2015 the theater stage.

Beginning průvodového La Niña is showing every day at 20:30 at the Republic Square, where the puppets on a journey into the city. The performance will be repeated every day the same and takes place in 3 acts; Who would not be enough start or capacity reasons did not get at the end of the depot, you can come see the next day.

Spanish puppets will speak Czech
and for the first time in the history file will show all eight at once. They lent his voice dubber outstanding Czech Martin Stransky, Jiri Labus and Antonin Prochazka. Introduction of preparing an international team and the main role in it played by marionettes, but also other great musicians, acrobats and performers: VOSA Theatre, Long Vehicle Circus, Tam Tam Batucada, Ridina Ahmed and band, Amanitas Fire Theatre, Pilsen Žongléros and more. On the scenario involved Adam Renč, Luba Blaškovičová, Jakub Vedral Carros de Foc and.

A program for children on Saturday and Sunday are also preparing event partners - Czech Television and Czech Savings Bank. Branches in the Franciscan Street and Republic Square is transformed into a children's playroom, toys and exchange creative workshops, bus lobby DEPO2015 to dwell bedtime. In the city center will be during the day, live music, visitors will nachystaných several refreshment zones on the square and in the park circuit. On Republic Square will be located also a café from darkness Firefly Foundation.

"Skupova Plzen Festival is a traditional event, which every two years attracts the attention of people interested in puppet theater. This year will be held exceptionally and therefore with an extraordinary program, which will include a spectacular show with giant puppets, "said First Deputy Mayor and Chairman of the Board of Pilsen 2015 Martin Baxa.

"Giant puppets are one of the key agenda items of the Pilsen - European Capital of Culture 2015. The emphasis on the European dimension in Plzen, we show that part of Spanish culture, environment. And I hope that people enjoy. In connection with the parade of puppets, which will have its premiere Czech Republic, we do our best to ensure that traffic restrictions in minimized, "said
Mayor Martin Zrzavecký.

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