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Grilling sausages - less meat than promise

Barbecue season is in full swing and with it appearing on the market products designed specifically for this culinary treatment. Consumer magazine dTest let the test composition and the taste of the pork barbecue sausages available in Czech shops. A quarter of the products tested did not contain much meat declared on the label.

The lab went 16 kinds of barbecue pork sausages, some of them bore the name "Nuremberg". The aim of the test was to determine how much meat, fat and additives include sausages, what is the quality of the meat and that manufacturers place on the packaging truthful information. Judged is of course the taste of sausages.

"The grilling sausages are no legislatively established parameters, in contrast to the sausages. Manufacturer therefore has a free hand, and it depends only on what resources to use. Thus the differences were large - in terms of the meat content and unnecessary additives. Most meat, 92.6% of the product in laboratory measured the Original Nürnberger Rostbratwürste (Schlütter's Echte!), At least it contained Bivoj sausages on the grill, and 55.3%, "says
Olga Šlesingrová, editor of dTest.

Important, however, is not only the overall meat content, but also its quality, for example, how much lean meat producer used. At least net muscle protein containing sausages Münchner Weisswürste factory Ponnath die Meistermetzger (7.24%). Just for comparison, let us add that the pork it contains around 20%.

Manufacturers can sometimes replace meat with less expensive materials, such as soy or mechanically separated meat. The good news is that none of the products tested laboratory, these substitutes appeared. For some sausages has come to light differences between the measured content of the meat and the values ​​indicated on the packaging.

"The biggest sinners were products Münchner Weisswürste and Bavarian barbecue sausage, both from the workshop Ponnath that declared by one fifth more meat than we measured. Both products can also have won because the worst rating in the test. In addition, the first named were not impressed with either the sensory evaluation. Their taste and smell marked the jury as a dull, bland and slightly spicy with a foamy consistency. After browning the sausage soft and slippery, "says
Olga Šlesingrová.

What the contrary, many sausages contain relatively abundant, they are additive. For example, monosodium glutamate, a flavor enhancer and smell contained a third of the products. The composition to be grilled may be seen with preservative sodium nitrite, which helps preserve the color of the meat products or polyphosphates, which are designed to hold the sausages or meat juice to bind added water.

The sensory test of eight experts assessed the appearance, smell, taste and pleasantness bite evaluated for sausages. Most tasted Nuremberg sausages Grill & Fun from Lidl, which had to cut off-white color with a distinct mosaic of meat and fat particles and spices. After counting the values ​​of all other measured criteria, these grilling sausages also became the overall winner of the test.

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