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Some tips for good female orgasm

Although among many women, there is the idea that quality climax can only be achieved with the help of variations of sexual positions, it's not so clear. The path to great orgasm goes through several steps to prevent sexual gratification, or a nice complement. How good climax finally arrives, it depends, for example, and psychological well-being and overall health of women as well as the ability to disrupt the routine.

Women love life is not linked against the same line. What having sex like one second too may not be to their liking. However, there are conditions that make the woman enough to be released, her mind is concentrated and the body prepares for the climax liking.

Do not think first of responsibilities, worries have swim

Actual mental condition of the woman and her emotional tune to play an important role in how the loving look, and in how they will end. Stress at work, worries children daily responsibilities, time pressure, fatigue, restlessness, but also prejudices against sex, or lack of confidence caused distrust in the beauty of their bodies, women take with them into the intimate life. "There is evidence that these negative emotions and ideas collected in the brain and have a direct impact on the ability to achieve orgasm. Although the women at the moment feel at ease, the subconscious plays a big role, "explains Adam Durčák from the sex shop Pink Elephant. So before you walk into bed, try to clear my head a relaxing bath, a romantic dinner or conversation with your partner about what bothers you. Sexual games, then start relaxing and gentle enough foreplay. Indeed, at the climax of extra body - as in other physically demanding activity - leach endorphins, hormones of happiness, which, as we know, reduces stress.

2. On the quality of orgasm is reflected diet

Quality of orgasm, women can also achieve a healthy lifestyle, which at first glance have little to do with sex. The opposite is true. Inappropriate diet restricted fluid intake, a large amount of alcohol, smoking and lack of exercise is affecting the overall condition of the body, which is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle tired, subdued, lacks energy and is kickstarted the pleasant relaxation in the form of amorous activities. "Poor lifestyle that goes often hand in hand with psychological stress, preventing achieve orgasm. Physical health of a woman is reflected in her sexual vigor and performance. Women who record the problems in this area would be to evaluate your current lifestyle and consider any changes to it, "advises Adam Durčák. By this he means primarily changing diet, which should appear in the food with all necessary nutrients, especially large amounts of fresh vegetables and fruits, which purify the body and provide him with vitamins and energy. It is also necessary to supply the body plenty of fluids, especially clean water is warm up the body and stimulate greater activity. Sportováním down again ulevíte from stress and feeling of heaviness.

3rd Strengthen pelvic floor

Sexual experience can also increase a better physical condition. Enough to handle enhanced body had to face greater physical exertion, which positively affects the length and variety of sexual act. Important is then also the state of the pelvic floor, which is due to sedentary work, lack of exercise and stress limp. Enhanced pelvic muscles positively affects sexual experience because it strengthens the vaginal walls and the entrance and restores nerve endings in them, which intensifies the excitability. In addition, it works to prevent problems with incontinence or back pain. "To strengthen the pelvic floor so try. Kegel exercises, for which there is no need of any tools. The principle is clenching pelvic muscle, 30 times in a row of at least 5 seconds. It is essential to regularly repeat at least three times a day, "says Adam Durčák.

4th Sex toys refreshes sex life

Nowadays, sex toys and toys are not a taboo. Increasingly, they are useful helpers in the intimate life. So do not be worried to use it to his satisfaction. "Engage in erotic sexual life today is completely natural. The diversity of these toys is very high and relies on the purpose for which they serve. Female orgasm encourage instance pulsators that stimulate stronger and more intense than ordinary vibrators or Love Balls, which in addition to the excitement strengthen the pelvic floor, "advises Adam Durčák. Help women reach orgasm quality can also vibrators for couples, vibrating ring, warming massage oil or leather cuffs, erotic adventures that will give a new dimension.

5th freed from the stereotype experiment

Reduced quality female orgasm often also affect stereotypes, which the couple in bed, unconsciously guilty. Those after a long time in fact lead to boredom, which kills sexual appetite and delays or completely suppresses the ability to climax. Couples should therefore consider whether not to stop to follow a precise timetable and nezabrousit into yet unknown waters to revive the sex act. You need not seek to ideas about awkward. It is sufficient if the lovemaking refreshing yet untested position, routine disrupt unexpected moment, a partner surprise erotic or sexy costume.

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