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Conservationists released into the wild next three golden eagles Video

Do Czech nature conservationists launched another golden eagles. The 22-emitted pups in the framework of the international project in the past, added on Friday, August 21st three more. This year was launched and the baby, who was bred in captivity, particularly in the zoo in Liberec.

For other discharges eagles this is the second chicks from the nests of wild animals in the Slovak Republic. Like their younger offspring in the wild threatens to kill their own siblings called. Siblicida.

This young dochovávala rescue station in female golden eagle Dina, but in May this year died. Last cub - female, about which she cared, she got her name in honor of Dina II.

The young eagles were released in the Odra Hills. There already lived a few wild golden eagles, who arrived to the Czech Republic from Slovakia.

Friday draining eagles, the project "Return of the Golden Eagle in the Czech Republic" has eight. Since 2006, it collaborates CUNC Novy Jicin, Rescue Station, House of Nature and Odra Ostrava Zoo.



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