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Discover Styria too good to tarry a while!

Discover Styria too good to tarry a while! Among hedonistic, fertile south, active Alpine North and inspiring provincial capital of Graz counts every single day, who spends a man devoted to his hobbies and interests. Sports reliably satisfy the appetites of numerous cycling and hiking trails. Gourmets and culture lovers come into their own in the green heart of Austria.

Since 2015, offering two discovery areas "from the glaciers to the wine road" and "Wine Country Styria on a bicycle," which guarantee the best knowledge of Styria. It's not just nice to ride a bike or a good pass, but also knowledge of local natural and cultural treasures, culinary wonders and new people, all of you during the journey offers. And it's all at your fingertips. And for all the visitors in Styria will find many high quality hotels and especially the hospitality of its inhabitants.

Hiking trail "From the glacier to the Wine Route"

On this route, which is unique in Europe, it offers you the best of nature, culture and especially the Styrian gastronomy: from the impressive massif Dachstein, through natural parks Gesäuse and Hochschwab, the renowned library of the Benedictine monastery Admont, around the track Semmering, which was declared a World Heritage Site, to several protected reserves, which are part of Natura 2000 or thermal springs and spa to towns. The route connects the Dachstein glacier with wine region in the south and east Styria either Northern or southern route.

Cycling route "Wine Country Styria on a bike"

The most interesting places in Styria is best to explore by bike. A total of 399 km and 8 stages invite to meet the south and east of Styria - vineyards, apple orchards, pumpkin plantations, rivers, volcanoes, wellness hotels. All this between the historic towns of Hartberg, Bad Radkersburg, Leibnitz, Deutschlandsberg and Graz.

60 South Styrian Wine Trail

"The mother of all wine trails", so called people of Styria South Styrian Wine Trail, which was established in 1955 as the first of topics. The once poor region just behind the Iron Curtain, therefore, on the border with Yugoslavia, is now blossoming area, which features a modern winery, but also offer traditional seasonal náleven. Once as now: ineffably beautiful landscape just hard to find an equal. It is "Heaven on Earth", that's one of the compliments for this corner of the country, around the South Styrian wine trails. The narrow, winding roads meander around a lot, forests, pumpkin plantations, orchards and meadows. Beautiful corner of the earth, but they appeared to tourists until the first 2.5 km long stretch of cycle path 60 years ago.

Just the surrounding countryside raises appetite. Sea vineyards, bordered by poplars and "klapáky" (huge wooden wheels pivoted on the wind scaring birds) and wineries, large fields full of yellow pumpkins and colorful orchards - romance dissolving on the tongue. Grapes, pumpkins and apples are the most important representatives of the Styrian gastronomy and culinary. But they are also in their honor held numerous festivities. And let's not forget the amazing ham, soft fruit vinegars, spirits, various flavors of chocolates for the sweet tooth. Growing area in Styria is not great, after all, it occupies only 9% of the total wine-growing areas in Austria, and although a light, dry Styrian wines has earned its name. In no other way small European wine-growing area is cultivated so many varieties of wine. However, two varieties deserve special attention: Hay lightly spiced up Sauvignon Blanc became the signboard of Southern Styria, bright ruby ​​to Schilcher has its own trademark and may be made entirely of blue vine Wildbacher.

40 th anniversary: ​​Spa Loipersdorf

40 years ago today were established diverse spa locations, 30 years ago these places were presented under one brand. Even in 2015, plunge the world's natural thermal springs on the path to the Svan various activities. You can participate in various seminars and walks in the "backstage".

In the land of spas - Styria, only 65 km south of Graz, hot springs bubble up in six locations: Bad Radkersburg, Bad Gleichenberg, Loipersdorf, Bad Blumau, Bad Waltersdorf and Sebersdorf. Gentle and healing water rises to the surface from a depth of 3,000 meters and reaches temperatures up to 110 ° C provides a warm, pleasant feelings, recharge energy and joy of life, promotes health, beauty and overall internal balance. True Thermal water brings life energy, because while swimming in the Styrian thermal water stress does not stand a chance. One study two years ago showed that after 25 minutes in a thermal bath is a demonstrable release and that the level of the stress hormone cortisol, monitored by persons decreased significantly. The study showed that the baths are released and counteracts stress.

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