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Entertain kids on a rainy day. Talking toys toddlers, preschoolers home theater

Summer holidays are gone. And with them holiday by the sea, jogging in the woods, camps and sunny weather. With autumn comes not only bearable temperatures, shorter days and longer nights, but also the problem of how to have fun on rainy days descendants.

What to do to avoid during weekends propršených cabin fever?
How to entertain the youngest and oldest offspring peeling away from the computer?
Read our tips that could save you time and nerves with branches.

Young children will especially focus

The youngest children go for the classic entertainment. We appreciate your attention first and foremost. Vymalovávejte, draw, sing, dance. 'Recent hit are the foam or wooden puzzle, through which young children develop fine motor skills, learn logical and spatial thinking and recognize shapes, "says Lukas Fiala of the Czech e-shop You can also try the interactive toy that teaches children new words or sounds. "There are a plethora of plush toys that simulate pets, or talking. And not only Czech but often in a foreign language, "says Lukas Fiala. To ensure the children move, even when you're with them all day at home, bet on odrážedla. Babies love color odrážedla, and if they have enough space to be able to move with them, they will give you the apartment or house to chase calmly for half a day.

Nalákejte preschoolers at home theater

If you already have a movie weekend in a row, and in the cinema you've already seen all the news, try to preschoolers for rainy days preparing to seize the home theater. Morning scenery of berevných produce paper and stick and in the afternoon you can play all your favorite stories. Moreover, if you rotate performances, you can own theater later let go, or share it with the world. In case you are not comfortable with manufacturing, the Internet can easily take both individual puppets, and the entire theater.

On days when even a dog would not drive out and board games Tired, try to involve children in mainstream activities. Give them the opportunity to work with you cook dinner, bake a cake, tried to make something. In addition to the internet you will find many tutorials and videos on making ornaments, candles and other trinkets. In addition, if you hide for Christmas, they will have children of relatives and friends a nice gift.

To the forest in the rain, only high-quality clothing

Convince schoolchildren to the gloomy weather broke his gaze from the television or the computer may seem to be quite a task. You must therefore offer such a program, which will be a week like to flaunt their classmates. Older children certainly entertain board games, which are on the market today plentiful. Try the attic or in the basement of view as well as such classics such as Monopoly or betting and horse racing. The development of strategic thinking, planning and extent of adrenaline is superior to a number of modern games, and when you buy horses or buildings to bad weather will not even remember.

Well-dressed children do not be afraid to take the fall or in the woods or into the hills. As the saying goes: There is no bad weather, only bad clothing. "So if you select multiple layers of clothing, breathable, yet waterproof jacket and good shoes, older children easily withstand a few hours in the autumn weather," says Lukas Fiala. "In nature In addition, children are not so much the amount of scattered perceptions, which may, in particular those with a tendency to hyperactivity, calm down. Children movement and ensure you have time to calm talk and discuss everything, what a hectic week in no time, "says Fiala. Additionally, if you end a stroll in pleasant surroundings with a cup of hot chocolate and something good to eat, you put on a nice family tradition.

Source: tz Lešenská, editorially modified

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