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The new Kia Sportage at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The worldwide premiere.

The new Kia Sportage at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The worldwide premiere. New design and advanced technology of the fourth generation of the compact SUV, modern layout and greater sophistication in the new cab with high quality, superior travel comfort, a smoother and more refined ride, agile handling characteristics, new technologies such as. Wireless charging the phone, online services and independent emergency braking system.

Brand new Kia Sportage is September 15, 2015 will present the global premiere at this year's International Motor Show in Frankfurt. Offers an attractive and completely new interior and exterior design, a wide range of advanced new technologies and ultimately a higher quality of workmanship.

Kia Sportage model in 2016 with the implementation of new and stronger design

Brand new Kia Sportage has retained its clearly recognizable side profile, now with a wheelbase extended by 30 mm (2670 mm). The car is in addition generally extended by 40 mm (4480 mm) and has a longer and more aerodynamic rear spoiler, which makes the profile significantly decreases towards the rear. From the highest point of the roof (1635 mm - the same as the previous model), the Sportage silhouette tapers slightly towards the rear, while the pronounced wheel arch edges and sharp lines combined with smooth surfaces wove model dynamic appearance. The lateral profile of zkosenějšímu contributed longer front and shorter rear overhang (+20 mm, respectively. -10 Mm).

Cars in the GT Line version will boast even more attractive appearance, eg. New LED fog lamps, shaped like an ice cube (reminiscent of high-performance solutions cee'd GT), or protective cover with aluminum-look bumper.

Modern arrangements and greater sophistication in the new high-quality cabin

Kia Sportage boasts a completely new interior, which is one of the most important improvement compared to the third generation model. A completely new cockpit offers a high standard of quality materials, with a significantly higher proportion of soft materials - textiles, leather and stitching, which evokes the luxurious interior atmosphere. The result of adjustments to the interior, which excels in refinement and contemporary flair. A significant attenuation of noise penetrating from the outside additionally helped numerous measures in the field of acoustics.

Numerous functions are now controlled via the optional in-vehicle infotainment and navigation system with touchscreen. A new and much clearer instrument panel and offers a very ergonomic layout, with control functions clearly arranged so that the driver is driving easily found.

More space and more comfort for passengers

The most significant change is the increase in wheelbase by 30 mm to 2670 mm, which means generous cabin space. Increased passenger compartment: in front Vertical tonnage increased to 997 mm (+5 mm), respectively. back to 993 mm (+ 16 mm), while the maximum length of the foot space increased to 1129 mm (+ 19 mm), respectively. 970 mm (+7 mm).

In all embodiments, improved visibility from the vehicle, and forward and backward. For better forward vision assist p osunutí base front A-pillar, and wherein the column itself is slightly thinner. Exterior mirrors are positioned a little lower on the door without worsening outlook driver backwards - to help the new thinner C-pillars back (about 62 mm thinner than in the case of third-generation Sportage) and higher glass tailgate (+30 mm).

The result of a larger body of the new fourth-generation SUV is the increase in the volume of the luggage compartment from 465 to 503 liters (according to VDA); luggage compartment is also more practical thanks to the double floor, which allows the trunk to carry a higher payload that may still remain hidden under the hood of the trunk. Sportage addition, under the floor will offer a special mailbox for storing luggage compartment cover - the only model in its class.

Brand new Kia Sportage has a larger fuel tank than its predecessor (an increase from 58 to 62 liters), meaning less frequent stops at gas stations (especially with regard to complex measures to reduce fuel consumption).

Navigation with online services "Kia Connected Services" and a wireless charging phone

Brand new Kia Sportage is a range of new advanced on-board systems that will contribute to even higher customer satisfaction. The new elements of equipment Sportage will become the most modern and most innovative high-tech model in its class.

A new feature is the navigation system with online services Kia Connected Services, offering a wide range of current information relevant to the proceedings. As part of this new connectivity services from TomTom® technology companies are continuously updated traffic information about the location of speed cameras and the warnings *, local search and weather forecasts.
* The use of these services may be subject to legal restrictions depending on the country.

The new Sportage will be the first compact SUV to offer new wireless charger for mobile devices, which responds to the growing customer demand for new technologies focused on user convenience.

There, the new engine 1.6-liter T-GDI 2.0-liter turbodiesel modernized and new advanced DCT dual clutch transmission with seven levels

Sportage, like predecessor, offering to interested private individuals and businesses a wide selection of petrol and diesel engines. Fourth-generation model will continue to use the unit available for the previous generation has significantly improved in the interests lowest possible fuel consumption, reduction of noise, vibration and the vibration and the best possible power transmission. Exclusive those interested Sportage GT Line will first offer a new engine 1.6-liter T-GDI (abbr. Turbo Gasoline Direct Injection - turbocharged gasoline engine with direct injection) that customers who want a sportier ride offers a lively response combined with low fuel consumption .

In Europe sales model Sportage is significantly applied versions with diesel engines, so that the new model will be offered with a 1.7-liter CRDi unit with an output of 115 hp - taken from the third generation model - as well as a significantly upgraded 2.0-liter unit ' R ', which is move forward on issues of fuel economy, performance parameters and dampen noise, vibration and vibration, whether compared with the outgoing generation vehicle or other competitors in the compact SUV class.

Turbodiesel 2.0-liter unit will be offered in two power outputs - 136 hp, maximum torque of 373 Nm, respectively. 184 hp, maximum torque of 400 Nm. In both cases the advantage of a lightweight engine block of 5 kg modernized battery management system, the oil pump with continuously variable capacity - is able to detect and adjust the oil pressure in real time - and a new oil filter module.

New Kia Sportage boasts a brand new Kia DCT seven-speed dual-clutch, which was recently introduced in the modernized Kia cee'd and is offered exclusively in versions equipped with the new 1.6-liter unit T-GDI about the performance of 177 hp. The new DCT gearbox is able to withstand higher torque turbocharged power unit offers the sporty driving enjoyment.

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